05-02-17 Register Now for the 2017 Ports-to-Plains Alliance Energy & Agriculture Summit

Register Now for the 2017 Ports-to-Plains Alliance Energy & Agriculture Summit

Is Energy and Agriculture Part of Your Base Economy?

Can You Tell that Story?

Join the Ports-to-Plains Alliance
for the 2017 Energy & Agriculture Summit
June 13-14, 2017
Denver, CO

Energy and agriculture provide a key basic economy across the region which requires a robust transportation system to connect those resources with global markets. Our communities and others must be able to tell the story… provide clear information in response to attacks on these rural economy drivers. TOGETHER DRIVING CHANGE will focus on bringing together an agenda that will enable attendees to tell the economic story of energy and agriculture productivity. Just a few of the sessions and speakers are described below.



Development Research Partners has conducted many studies
focused on Colorado’s energy industry covering fossil fuels and
renewables. This session will highlight findings from some of their
work including the importance of renewable energy in Eastern
Colorado and highlighting the resource rich state.

Presented by Patty Silverstein, President and Chief Economist, Development Research Partners, and
David Hansen, Senior Economist, Development Research Partners


Xcel Energy Inc. recently announced a multibillion-dollar investment
in 11 new wind farms across seven states. Some are located along
the Ports-to-Plains Corridor including the largest single-phase wind
farm ever built in North America near Limon, Colorado and one in
Hale County, Texas. They will also build the largest wind farms in
New Mexico and South Dakota. Many of the turbines will be made in
Colorado by Vestas Wind Systems. This session will detail the
nation’s largest single multi-state investment in wind energy, and
what it means for the Ports-to-Plains Region.

Presented by Kirk Scheitler, Manager, Policy and Outreach, Xcel Energy


Colorado ranks number four in America in sunflower production, and
six of the top nine sunflower states are in the Ports-to-Plains region.
Colorado Mills is located along the corridor in Lamar, Colorado and
is capitalizing on this resource producing sunflower oil and high
protein animal feed. This session will take a look at this value-added
agriculture success story.

Presented by Rick Robbins, Colorado Mills


Few if any pieces of legislation have a greater impact on the Ports-to-Plains
region than the Farm Bill. Congress has begun working on
the next five-year bill, most likely to take effect in 2018. The most
recent Farm Bill was passed in 2014 after nearly two years of work.
In a legislative environment that remains contentious, it looks to be a
difficult process again. During this session we examine the key
issues Congress will address as it writes the new Farm Bill so that
we can be effective advocates for our agriculture-based economies.

Presented by Tom Sell, Former Deputy Chief of Staff to the House Committee on Agriculture, Southwest Council of Agribusiness