04-13-17 CFB Supports Relocation of the Bureau of Land Management Out West

Supports Relocation of the Bureau of Land Management Out West

Centennial, Colo. – April 13 – Colorado Farm Bureau members were encouraged to hear of Senator Cory Gardner’s recent remarks on relocating the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) offices to the west, specifically Grand Junction. This week CFB sent a letter to the Senator and relevant committees, as well as Interior Secretary Zinke outlining the organization’s support.

“Many Colorado Farm Bureau farmer and rancher members utilize grazing on public land, managed by the BLM, as an integral component of their business,” wrote Don Shawcroft, president of Colorado Farm Bureau in the letter. “Preserving this valuable natural resource requires cooperation and benefits from the knowledge carried by the generations of ranchers who have managed that resource.

“Locating the BLM headquarters in the west would send a clear message by Congress and the Administration that it is important for federal officials to be in touch with the areas that are affected by their decisions.

“It is our hope that a move such as this can result in a fresh regulatory and legal climate that will spur the use of our natural resources, provide taxpayers a better return on their investment, and allow agriculture and other natural resource industries to be innovative and optimistic in creating jobs and promoting economic growth. Farmers and ranchers care deeply about the future administration of federal lands, and the relocation of BLM offices amongst the federal lands they are charged to manage is a good start.”