03-22-17 RMFU Assisting With NE Colorado Fire Relief Effort: Donations Welcome

RMFU Assisting With NE Colorado Fire Relief Effort: Donations Welcome

RMFU Membership Coordinator Aubriel Jones is part of a relief committee working for people who have been affected by the Northeast Colorado fire. The committee is made up of volunteers that work cooperatively to meet the ongoing individual and community needs stemming from the fire, as well as gathering all incident-related information and locating all available resources for those in need. If you are interested in donating anything to help those who have been affected by the fire, please call Jones at 308.778.6535 or email aubriel.jones@rmfu.org. She will answer any questions you have about donating as well as connecting you with other groups who are working on this project. Look for forums in late April or early May at which we will provide information on topics such as cover crops, soil health, grazing, conservation, and other areas of interest.

The fast-moving grass fire occurred March 6 and swept through Logan and Phillips counties driven by 60 mph winds. The fire burned 32,000 acres of grass and cropland, resulting in the loss of four houses, several outbuildings, livestock, livestock feed and other property, as well as affecting electric, gas and communication utilities. The damage caused created the immediate transportation of large quantities of hay, feed, fencing materials and other supplies.

As Logan and Phillips counties have been declared Disaster Emergencies, the registration and fuel tax permits as enforced by the Colorado State Patrol are temporarily suspended for direct assistance and relief in the affected areas of the State of Colorado. Participating motor carriers are limited to the width, length and weight restrictions as enforced by Colorado Statue. This exemption will continue in effect through April 8.

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