03-20-17 CCA: Colorado-Based Greeley Hat Works “Passes the Hat”

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CCA: Colorado-Based Greeley Hat Works “Passes the Hat”

Recovery efforts are coming along nicely, yet hearts and prayers continue to go out to those affected in the agriculture community.  We at Greeley Hat Works can’t say enough about the hard-working men and women who have assisted during the fire and after with their generous donations of time and goods.  “I am proud of the American agriculture legacy and our company is stepping forward to partner with organizations in each of the affected states to get ranchers the assistance they need,” said Greeley Hat Works owner Trent Johnson.   

Greeley Hat Works had a humble beginning in 1909; cleaning, shaping and building hats in northern Colorado. “We view this as an opportunity to give back to the industry that gave us our start,” said Johnson.  Greeley Hat Works will be reaching out to other sectors they work with and engaging their contacts to contribute to the agriculture producers in these regions.  Leveraging these existing relationships, which are not traditionally engaged in disaster assistance, will be very beneficial to the relief efforts.  Greeley Hat Works is calling on network friends and family to join and support these efforts.  Being a part of Colorado Cattlemen’s Association, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Colorado Livestock Association, Kansas Livestock Association, and Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association has given us great customers around the United States, and we are honored to be able to help our friends in need!

Greeley Hat Works will serve as a drop off/contribution point for cash donations.  The company will be coordinating with their partners, the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association, Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers and the Kansas Livestock Association to ensure 100% of the donations reach those in need.

Those interested in aiding in relief efforts, please contact Greeley Hat Works at (888) 367-2428.

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