03-07-17 CCA: Northeast Colorado Fire: Immediate Relief for Farmers and Ranchers Needed

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CCA: Northeast Colorado Fire: Immediate Relief for Farmers and Ranchers Needed

The wildfires that broke out over northeastern Colorado on Monday have burned nearly 30,000 acres, and have created a devastating impact on the agricultural communities in Logan and Phillips counties. “These people are going to need help,” Kent Kokes, the past President of the Northeast Colorado Cattlemen’s Association said. “There was a lot of loss. Not only did people lose their homes, but ranchers have lost their livestock, infrastructures and equipment. There is so much dust and dirt in the area that plows are shoveling it off the roads like snow,” Kokes continued.

Colorado Cattlemen’s Association and the Northeast Colorado Cattlemen’s Association are initially focusing on the immediate need for hay, feed and fencing supplies; as well as individuals willing to provide trucking, etc. for the farmers and ranchers devastated by yesterday’s fires. Donations should be taken to CHS Grainland in Haxtun, CO. A loader and scale are both available, if needed. Contact Rick Unrein at (970) 520-3565 for more information about dropping off donations. Donations can also be dropped off at Justin Price’s farm (11222 CR 7 Sedgwick, CO) . For more information about how to help, please contact: Kent Kokes (970) 580-8109 John Michal (970) 522-2330 Justin Price (970) 580-6315 or Dan Firme (970) 520-0949.

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