03-06-17 CLA & Pinnacol Assurance = Partners in Safety

CLA & Pinnacol Assurance = Partners in Safety

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Pinnacol Assurance partners with Colorado Livestock Association to provide big savings while protecting workers

“Never leave money on the table.” We’ve all heard this good advice, yet most of us fail to follow it at one time or another. My hope is that you’ll consider joining nearly 100 other feedlot, dairy, swine, sheep, and cow and calf producers that participate in the Colorado Livestock Association (CLA) safety group program through Pinnacol Assurance, Colorado’s premier workers’ compensation insurer. By participating in the group, you’ll leave no money on the table.


Since 2001, when the CLA safety group formed, participating members have pocketed $1.6 million in dividends. More than this, they’ve enjoyed an upfront 4 percent discount on their workers’ compensation premiums.

The question is, why would you not participate in the group? Your business has workers’ compensation insurance, so you’ve already taken the first big step. The next step is to call the CLA office or one of the endorsed agencies, Flood and Peterson or HUB International. To meet Pinnacol’s safety group requirements, your business simply needs to have two full policy periods of continuous workers’ compensation experience, meet Pinnacol’s underwriting eligibility guidelines, maintain a formal safety and return-to-work program, and use Pinnacol’s broad network of SelectNet physicians and facilities.

Safety Group Protects Employers’ Most Valuable Asset — Employees

Looking into these requirements is an investment of time that pays dividends. Literally. But the payoff is far more than financial. By participating in the CLA safety group, members reduce their worksite risks; improve the safety and health of employees, their most valuable asset; and even boost productivity.

Another benefit is the helping hand from Pinnacol. Policyholders in the group benefit from the help of a dedicated service team of Pinnacol underwriters, claims representatives, safety services consultants, medical case managers and return-to-work consultants.  This dedicated service team has invested time to learn about the livestock industry — and continues to strengthen its knowledge of the challenges this industry is faced with.  Alongside the CLA and the endorsed brokers, the safety group program provides tailored risk management training, materials and other assistance that helps participants in the CLA safety group optimize safe working conditions.

As industry safety groups go, the CLA’s happens to be one of the strongest. The minimum premium requirement for the CLA safety group is a half-million dollars in total written premium; the CLA safety group is currently at $1.3 million (Still the same $1,355,000.00). The minimum number of policyholders is 20; the CLA has 88. The minimum required loss ratio is 55 percent, and the CLA safety group continues to outperform this requirement, and has since 2014. In short, your industry’s safety group is in the strongest position it’s been in years.

As for Pinnacol, no other insurance company can match our workers’ compensation expertise. We’ve been protecting Colorado companies and their employees since 1915, and over the years we’ve grown from industry pioneer to Colorado’s choice for workers’ compensation. Today, approximately 56,000 customers across Colorado have made Pinnacol their carrier of choice. We look forward to another century of providing compassionate care for injured workers. And we look forward to supporting the continued success of Colorado’s community of livestock companies.

Originally published in the 2016- 2017 edition of the Colorado Livestock Association Vision Magazine and Member Directory. Contributed by Joseph Newhouse, Pinnacol Assurance.

Colorado Livestock Association (CLA) was formed in 1998 through a restructuring of the then 43-year-old Colorado Cattle Feeders Association (CCFA). CLA members are cattle and sheep feeders, cow/calf producers, dairy farmers, swine operations, and industry partners. CLA works on behalf of its members in the regulatory and legislative arenas in Colorado. For more information about CLA visit www.coloradolivestock.org