03-01-17 FSA-CO Weld County: Conservation Reserve Program Participants Need to Perform Management Activities

USDA Press Release

Conservation Reserve Program Participants Need to Perform Management Activities

(Greeley, CO) – (03/01/2017) – The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Farm Service Agency (FSA) Executive Director Jeff Wilson in Weld County announced that Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) participants need to perform mid-contract management activities by March 14th for crop year 2017.

The March 14th deadline is for producers who are inter-seeding or lightly tilling their CRP contract acreage to improve plant diversity, which will enhance the wildlife habitat.  The primary reason for CRP is to reduce and eliminate air and water pollution through the planting of permanent grass cover on retired cropland.

“The reason for the March 14th deadline is because the wildlife nesting season begins March 15th and continues until July 15th, annually.  This provides all types of wildlife a place to reproduce and feed during the spring and summer,” said Wilson. “Other mid-contract management activities such as grazing and haying can take place after July 15th and prior to September 30th in an attempt to meet the mid-contract management activity.”

Prescribed grazing and routine haying must be applied and approved prior to activity on CRP contract acreage.  Grazing must be performed according to an approved conservation plan.  There is a fee for grazing that is equal to 25% of the annual rental payment for the acres used for grazing.  Routine haying can be performed on no more than 50% of the contract acreage.  All other provisions applicable to grazing also apply to haying.

Contact your local FSA office for additional details related to management activities as they relate to CRP contracts.

Additional Information about programs or how to find an FSA office go online to: http://www.fsa.usda.gov

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