02-27-17 Learn more about AgriPro’s 2016 Record Breaking Yields from Matt Keating…

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Learn more about AgriPro’s 2016 Record Breaking Yields from Matt Keating…

(matt-keating-syngenta-central-plains-staff-cereals-key-account-leadThe BARN – Briggsdale, CO) February 27, 2017 – Did you know that AgriPro® brand wheat varieties broke several records for 2016 yields and top lists of acres planted?
Joining the CO Ag News Network to discuss that accomplishment in more detail is Matt Keating, Syngenta/AgriPro Cereals Key Account Lead

  • Keating’s background
  • AgriPro’s size & scope
  • AgriPro’s successes in both irrigated and non-irrigated wheat
  • A look at the 2016 record-breakers (SY Monument – #1 dryland in CO variety; SY Sunrise – #1 irrigated wheat variety (straw strength); AP503 – #1 variety two gene Clearfield Wheat)
  • AgriPro in the recent CSU variety trials
  • AgriPro Varieties: Protein – Test Weight- Milling & Baking Characteristics
  • Why producers should consider AgriPro for their operations this spring & fall?
  • Upcoming AgriPro Field Day in Yuma @ IRF in June
  • Final thoughts: Why Certified Seed?
  • & MORE


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