02-27-17 Harnessing the power of wind for your ag operation w/United Wind’s Justin Nicolli…

CLICK HERE to visit United Wind's website to learn more

CLICK HERE to visit United Wind’s website to learn more

united-wind-justin-niccoli-and-wind-turbineHarnessing the power of wind for your ag operation w/United Wind’s Justin Nicolli…

(The BARN – Briggsdale, CO) February 27, 2017 – Have you ever thought about using the wind to produce power on your agriculture operation?

Joining the CO Ag News Network at this time to discuss the wind industry and its potential for the agriculture industry is Justin Niccoli, Energy Consulate with United Wind discussing several topics including:

  • Nicolli’s Background
  • United Wind’s Programs are Different
  • Cost & Savings
  • Is Wind Power right for your location?
  • Wind Turbine Sizes
  • Wind Power Electrical Storage
  • United Wind and Wind Energy FAQ’s
  • Benefits of Wind over Solar
  • United Wind‘s FREE WindQuote
  • & More


United Wind : Making Wind Power Possible

United Wind providing customers with wind energy options that make sense today and into the future. Learn more about United Wind @ http://www.unitedwind.com/

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