02-06-17 CAWA/RGWCD hosting Rio Grande River in Alamosa on Feb 28th


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CAWA/RGWCD hosting Rio Grande River in Alamosa on Feb 28th

The Colorado Water Plan aims to address the water needs of cities, agriculture and the environment in light of projected shortages. Agriculture is a focus; all the basin roundtables and the IBCC expressed that while water for other needs will come partly from agriculture, we must guard against large scale dry-up. Instead, the Plan promotes alternative transfer methods as an alternative.

What does this emphasis on alternative transfer methods mean? What’s the motivation for farmers and ranchers to participate in leasing or to improve irrigation efficiency? What are the barriers? Colorado Ag Water Alliance is hosting a series of workshops throughout the state to share information and foster dialogue among agricultural producers.

Brief, highly focused presentations and panel dialogue will cover the basics, followed by opportunity for Ag producers to ask questions and engage in dialogue about what they see as opportunities and barriers—and how those barriers and opportunities might best be addressed.