12-30-16 CSU Ext News: Custom Rates for Colorado Farms & Ranches…

custom-rates-csu-ext-custom-rates-header-032315CSU’s latest Custom rates report is out – CLICK HERE

Farmers know that when the price future for what they grow are low they need to tighten their belts and spend less. One method that works is to cut your costs of production for those crops by reducing inputs.

The 2015 custom rate report can help you decide if there are farming operations you can cut back on. It should be noted that these costs are the averages and ranges of production costs that are given to CSU economists by a large group of area farmers who have analyzed their own production costs. To some farmers they may seem high but they may not adequately give value to their own work.

Check the CSU Ag & Business management website for other methods of evaluating your farm’s business or crop enterprise profitability.

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