11-29-16 Renew Your CCA Membership Today & Join in Important Priorities for the Future

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CLICK HERE to join today!

CLICK HERE to join today!

Renew Your CCA Membership Today & Join in Important Priorities for the Future

CCA mailed its 2017 membership renewal information to over 2,000 CCA members last week. Those who become new members and renew their memberships can be assured that their voice is heard when CCA works diligently to commit the time and resources to build effective relationships and access for our priorities in the current transition planning of the new administration. “These efforts take time, trust, follow-through, and the support of the association’s members – but it pays BIG dividends,” CCA’s Executive Vice President, Terry Fankhauser said.

CCA will celebrate its 150th anniversary in 2017, one hundred and fifty years as the principal voice and advocate for beef production in the state. CCA will remain focused on advancing the legacy and viability of beef production for its members, while promoting growth and opportunity for future generations. The association operates through its diverse and broad membership throughout Colorado; representing the majority of beef cattle production, private land ownership, state and federal lands grazing, businesses, and those who advocate for the industry. It is also affiliated with 46 local cattlemen’s, breed, and issue organizations across the state.

“One of CCA’s focuses for this year will be market volatility. CCA’s opinion is that the erratic markets are not reacting to fundamental influences, like supply and demand. We want to compel the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to release trading data for a confidential third party review ,” CCA’S President, Tim Lehmann said. “Ag land and water conversion is also a priority.  CCA must strengthen our Right-to-Farm laws at all levels. We also plan on broadening our scope of influence, yielding greater and more efficient returns for members.  Finally, our goal is to build alignment and engagement by showing passion for our industry and contributing the resources necessary for the success of the next generations,” Lehmann continued.

For 2017, in recognition of CCA’s 150th anniversary, all members will receive a collectible, LIMITED EDITION 2017 stainless steel membership card commemorating this monumental anniversary. The 150th birthday celebration will kick off at CCA’s Mid-Winter Conference, which will be held on January 16-18, 2017 at the Renaissance Hotel in Denver, CO. The festivities will continue all year long, including a party for the association at its Annual Convention in Grand Junction on June 12-14, 2017.

As 2016 comes to an end, we encourage CCA members to join and renew their membership before the New Year. Membership recruitment is also encouraged and rewarded! Individuals who recruit new members through the end of the year have a chance of winning a Priefert S01 Rancher chute, generously awarded through Troy Piper from Priefert. Any of CCA’s local affiliates can also win a prize for recruitment. The CCA affiliate with the highest rate of growth will be eligible to win an Affiliate Recognition BBQ. Gene Dubas, of Dubas Cattle Co., has graciously donated $5,000 toward a SILENCER chute, alleyway or tub; which CCA will auction off state-wide. With the proceeds of the auction, CCA will host a BBQ/recruitment event for the winning affiliate. Both prizes will be awarded at the Mid-Winter Conference in January.

Contact Heidi Brown at the CCA office today at (303) 431-6422 or heidi@coloradocattle.org for more information.