11-22-16 ASTA Statement on Federal Court Ruling in CA regarding Treated Seeds…

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Statement from ASTA President & CEO Andrew LaVigne in reference to the recent CA federal court ruling on treated seeds (details below):

“The court decision is welcomed by ASTA and a broad coalition of farmers and the industries that support them.  The ruling will allow farmers to continue to benefit from the use of seed treatments which are a critical tool to minimize crop losses from pests and diseases in an economical and environmentally sustainable way.”

Andrew W. LaVigne

President & CEO

American Seed Trade Association

11-22-16 CLA News: Federal Court Rules in Favor of Science-Based Regulatory Review

Federal Court Rules in Favor of Science-Based Regulatory Review

CLA-Crop Life America LogoWASHINGTON, DC – Yesterday, a California federal court ruled in favor of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and an industry coalition including CropLife America, the American Seed Trade Association, the Agricultural Retailers Association, the National Cotton Council of America, the American Soybean Association, the National Association of Wheat Growers and the National Corn Growers Association (Intervenors) in Anderson v. EPA, a lawsuit brought against EPA by a number of plaintiffs. Plaintiffs had asked the court to order EPA to regulate seeds treated with pesticides as if the seeds were the pesticides themselves, the result of which would be to unnecessarily duplicate EPA’s science-based regulatory review of the active ingredients used in treatment products. The Court ruled in favor of EPA and the Intervenors and against Plaintiffs on each of the Plaintiffs’ claims.
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11-11-16 CCAC, CCGA helping co-host upcoming Colorado ag-energy workshops

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 CCAC, CCGA helping co-host upcoming Colorado ag-energy workshops

unnamed-5Colorado farmers and ranchers are invited to join expert presenters from Colorado State University, the Colorado Department of Agriculture and Colorado Energy Office in a series of ag-energy workshops, where attendees will be treated to a meal and an overview of energy opportunities in ag.
The Colorado Corn Administrative Committee (CCAC) and Colorado Corn Growers Association (CCGA) are both helping co-host the workshops, during which attendees will hear updates on agricultural energy use; how producers can save energy; the benefits, barriers and opportunities for using renewable-generation systems; and funding options to address barriers that prevent farmers from investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy

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11-18-16 CEO-CDA: Workshop Series Across State to Detail Energy Savings Opportunities for Colorado Farmers and Ranchers


Workshop Series Across State to Detail Energy Savings Opportunities for Colorado Farmers and Ranchers

Created through a partnership between state government and agriculture leaders, workshops to focus on energy efficiency, renewables and new technology

DENVER – Nov. 18, 2016The Colorado Energy Office (CEO) and the  Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) today announced a series of workshops to be held across the state that will detail energy savings opportunities for Colorado farmers and ranchers. Created through a partnership between state government and agriculture leaders, the workshops will focus on energy efficiency and renewables.

Colorado farmers and ranchers spend more than $400 million annually on energy, and the series of six workshops to be held late November through mid-December aims to help producers save money by utilizing new energy technology.
“As technology advances, energy efficiency and on-farm renewables are real opportunities for farmers and ranchers to improve bottom line, and this partnership will give folks operational details about how they can use clean energy to their advantage,” said Michael Turner, Energy Efficiency Programs Manager at the Colorado Energy Office. “Looking at energy use on farms holds potential to reduce cost of production and improve margins for farmers and ranchers.”
The workshops will feature presenters from Colorado State University, CDA and CEO. In addition, Colorado State Climatologist Nolan Doesken will give an update on climate and weather considerations, energy and agriculture. Former Colorado agriculture commissioners John Stulp and Don Ament are partnering to lead the workshop events. The series will be co-hosted by Colorado Livestock Association, Colorado Corn Growers Association/Colorado Corn Administrative Committee, Colorado Potato Administrative Committee, Western Dairy Association, Rocky Mountain Farmers Union, Colorado Farm Bureau and Colorado Rural Electric Association.
Registration is free, and breakfast/dinner and refreshments will be served. To register and reserve a place, RSVP via the links provided below.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016              

7:30 am   Lamar          Lamar Community College Trustees Building, Buchanan Events Room #121

5:30 pm   Burlington   Community Center Conference Hall

Thursday, December 1, 2016                        

7:30 am   Sterling        Northeastern Junior College, Hays Student Center Ballroom

5:30 pm   Greeley       Island Grove Events Center Conference Room C

Tuesday, December 13, 2016                      

7:30 am   Montrose     Montrose County Fairgrounds, Friendship Hall, Pioneer Room

Wednesday, December 14, 2016               

7:30 am  Monte Vista Information Center, 947 1st Avenue

11-22-16 Wyoming Organizations Team Up To Conserve Over 1,400 Acres of Ranchland in the Big Horn Basin

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Photo courtesy of WSGLT & Eric Schacht

Wyoming Organizations Team Up To Conserve Over 1,400 Acres of Ranchland in the Big Horn Basin

Worland, Wyo. — The Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust (WSGLT), along with the Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resources Trust (WWNRT) and the Wyoming Game and Fish (WGF), joined together with ranch owner, Dave Slover to conserve portions of the Gooseberry Creek Ranch in the Big Horn Basin. Continue reading

11-22-16 The 2016 Irrigation Foundation E3 Program Winners include two from CSU…

if-irrigation-foundation-logo2016 Irrigation Foundation E3 Program Winners Announced

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA (Nov. 22, 2016) — The Irrigation Foundation has selected 23 outstanding students and three faculty to participate in the 2016 Irrigation E3 Program. This year’s class will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to the 2016 Irrigation Show and Education Conference, Dec. 5 – 9, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Continue reading

11-22-16 NCGA incoming president among those stepping up to the podium at Colorado Corn’s Annual Banquet in Yuma

Colorado Corn LogoNCGA incoming president among those stepping up to the podium at Colorado Corn’s Annual Banquet in Yuma

National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) incoming president Wesley Spurlock will make Colorado one of his early stops in his new role, when he attends Colorado Corn’s Annual Banquet on Dec. 7 in Yuma. While there, he also plans to address the crowd gathered at the Yuma Community Center (421 E. 2nd Avenue). Continue reading

11-22-16 Gov. Hickenlooper awards 2016 Colorado Governor’s Citizenship Medals

co-governor-john-hickenlooper-headerGov. Hickenlooper awards 2016 Colorado Governor’s Citizenship Medals

DENVER — Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2016 Gov. John Hickenlooper today announced the recipients of the 2016 Colorado Governor’s Citizenship medals (CGCM). Inaugurated in 2015 by Executive Order and awarded on behalf of Quarterly Forum (QF), the CGCM is one of the highest honors bestowed upon residents or organizations of Colorado for their meritorious contributions to the strength and vitality of the state.

“The collaboration and contributions that we see from Coloradans in the business, nonprofit and public sectors are an inspiration to future generations of leaders,” said Hickenlooper. “I am honored to award this year’s medals to some of our state’s most remarkable leaders.”

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11-22-16 Pork Checkoff Hosts Call on Current U.S. Pork Production and Consumer Demand

Pork Checkoff Hosts Call on Current U.S. Pork Production and Consumer Demand: Tele-Conference

America’s pig farmers are set to again produce a record-breaking supply of pork in 2016. Following last year’s record production, it is anticipated that the U.S. pork industry will again set a record in terms of both the number of hogs taken to market and the number of pounds of pork produced. It is also expected that this high level of production will continue well into 2017.  More available meat presents a unique marketing opportunity for the U.S. pork industry’s retail and food service partners, as well as the international marketplace. In the back half of 2016, U.S. pork exports began a return to higher levels of volume from past years, despite a significant currency disadvantage. Experts within the pork industry will address these current trends and define the impact it has on America’s 60,000 pork producers.

Speakers included:

  • Jan Archer, National Pork Board president and a pork producer from Goldsboro, North Carolina, will address the producers’ perspective and importance of the Pork Checkoff’s marketing outreach.
  • Len Steiner, Steiner Consulting Group, will address the overarching economic dynamics of the current market situation.
  • Patrick Fleming, Director, Market Intelligence and Innovation, National Pork Board, will focus comments on domestic marketing trends and pork sales with the U.S. retail sector.
  • Brett Stuart, Global AgriTrends, will discuss the international environment and current status of U.S. pork exports.

Panelist Opening Statements


Media Questions & Answers from Panel


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11-22-16 Rabobank: Field Crop Margins Recovering in Europe but Difficult Times in the Americas

Rabobank: Field Crop Margins Recovering in Europe but Difficult Times in the Americas

rabobank-logo-printSt. Louis, Mo. (November 22, 2016) –  The latest Rabobank Field Crop Margin Outlook has Europe showing a recovery in margins, Australia’s margins at reasonable levels, but U.S. farmers facing another challenging year in 2017.

“U.S. farmers will face another challenging year in 2017,” says Harry Smit, Senior Analyst Farm Inputs at Rabobank. “Where wheat farmers in the Great Plains area saw a small improvement of margins in 2016, following an exceptionally good yield, the Midwest corn-soy producers saw a continuation of margins too low to cover all costs.” Continue reading

11-22-16 CACD’s 72nd Annual Meeting Recap


The Colorado Association of Conservation Districts’ 2016 Annual Meeting was held last week, November 14th through 16th, at the Embassy Suites in Loveland. CACD’s theme this year was “Conservation in Colorado – Navigating Our Future”.  Speakers this year included:  Les Owen, the new CO Department of Ag’s Conservation Services Director; Lee McDaniel, the President of the National Association of Conservation Districts; Jeff Burwell, NACD’s Western Issues Specialist; and Clint Evans, CO’s State Conservationist with NRCS. Also present for six unique Breakout Sessions were, John Stulp, Policy Advisor to the Governor and Water and Chairman of the Colorado IBCC; Elizabeth Garner, State Demographer with the CO Department of Local Affairs; Travis Holland, Chief Accounting Advisor with Anadarko Petroleum; and Carly Jacobs, Budget Analyst with the CO Department of Natural Resources.  Jeff Wasden, President of the Colorado Business Roundtable, was the Keynote speaker at the Leadership Luncheon on Tuesday, with Don Hijar of Pawnee Buttes Seed acting as emcee for the 2016 Awards Banquet Luncheon on Wednesday afternoon. Continue reading

READ the NAFB’s National Ag News for Tuesday, November 22nd

CLICK HERE to listen to TODAY's BARN Morning Ag News with Brian Allmer...

CLICK HERE to listen to TODAY’s BARN Morning Ag News with Brian Allmer…

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TPP Countries Forging on Without or Without U.S.

At least six countries included in the Trans-Pacific Partnership aim to complete the trade deal with or without the United States. Reuters reports Mexico, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand and Singapore are all pledging to continue forward with TPP if the United States does not. The six nations are among 12 signatories of the trade deal, which currently cannot take effect without being ratified by the United States. President-elect Donald Trump condemned the deal on the campaign trail, leaving its fate dim. However, Mexico’s Economy Minister recently said: “We determined that our countries will press ahead with this agreement independently of what Washington decides.” The trade deal could be implemented without the U.S. if it meets strict GDP requirements.


Conaway urges CFTC to Delay Controversial Rulemaking

House Agriculture Committee Chair Michael Conaway has sent the Commodity Futures Trading Commission a letter urging against “pushing through controversial regulations” before President Barack Obama leaves office. The Texas Republican wrote that: “While we may not agree on which regulations are overreaching or unnecessary, we should agree that the American people have asked for someone else to make that judgment.” Pro Farmer’s First Thing Today reports specifically, Conaway requested that CFTC not move forward on position limits rulemaking and for the Commission to extend the comment period for Regulation Automated Trading.


COOL Not on the Agenda for Trump

Country-of-Origin meat labeling will not be making a comeback under a Trump administration. Politico reports that Trump’s Agriculture Advisory Committee was quick to mobilize and inform Trump’s transition team that such a policy — which has been litigated in both the U.S. court system and the World Trade Organization — is a non-starter for most farm groups. Leaked portions of Trump’s plan for his first 100 days in office highlighted a provision to potentially include COOL in a renegotiation of NAFTA. Farm groups from Canada threatened trade retaliation if COOL in the U.S. were to be reinstated. But a spokesperson for Trump’s Agriculture Advisory Committee said no one knows how COOL got into the plan, adding COOL is “dead as a doornail.”


California Egg Law Challenge Struck Down

A federal appeals court last week ruled against six states challenging a California law placing restrictions on egg sales from other states. The 2008 ballot initiative approved by California voters set strict requirements for housing egg-laying hens. The court ruled that the states—Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Alabama, Kentucky and Iowa—failed to show how the law would impact them and not just individual egg farmers, upholding a lower court decision that dismissed the lawsuit. However, Food Safety News reports that while the three-judge panel affirmed the dismissal, they did so in a way that does not close the door on the dispute between California and the other egg-producing states, paving the way for future lawsuits. The next possible step in the case is for Midwestern egg producers to file a lawsuit on their own.


Canada Confirms More Bovine TB cases

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has confirmed five more cattle from southeastern Alberta have been infected with the bacteria that causes bovine tuberculosis. Ag Canada reports the five animals were discovered during the removal and destruction of the initial cow’s index herd. The source of infection is still unknown. The investigation follows a notice from the U.S. Department of Agriculture that a cow from Alberta had tested positive for the disease at a U.S. packing plant. While the index herd is the only herd so far to turn up infected cows, quarantines remain in place on approximately 34 farms in Alberta and two in southwestern Saskatchewan. All cattle from the index herd are in the process of being removed from the ranch and humanely destroyed.


Brexit May Open British Farmers to GM Crops

Great Brittan’s exit from the European Union may open the door for British farmers to grow genetically modified crops. British officials are drawing up plans that could allow GM crops in the future. Great Brittan’s Agriculture Minister said: “The government’s general view remains that policy and regulation in this area should be science-based.” Numerous scientific studies have shown the safety and benefits of GM crops, but are largely ignored across the EU. Only one type of genetically modified crop has ever been grown commercially in Europe. A UK farmer told the website Farming UK that exiting the EU means Brittan is “open for business” when it comes to GM crops, adding “farmers would not choose to grow these unless they saw benefits.”

SOURCE: NAFB News Service