10-25-16 American Royal Association Announces Plans to Move to Kansas


american-royal-association-headerAmerican Royal Association Announces Plans to Move to Kansas

KANSAS CITY, Kan. — In a room packed with agricultural industry leaders from across Kansas, the American Royal Association on Tuesday announced plans to move to Wyandotte County, Kansas.

Kansas Secretary of Agriculture Jackie McClaskey issued the following statement in response to the agreement:  “The American Royal is a perfect fit for Kansas for many reasons – from a shared rich heritage supporting animal agriculture to a commitment to providing high-quality agricultural education opportunities. But one of the primary reasons this move makes sense is our shared focus on continued growth and improvement. We know the future of agriculture in Kansas doesn’t look like the industry we grew up in; instead, we know that we’re going to have to build new partnerships, take chances on new technologies and new production practices, explore innovative marketing opportunities, and engage with and learn from our consumers and customers. The partnership we’re building with the American Royal is not simply about creating a new livestock show facility, but about developing a committed partnership to drive agriculture forward.”

The following statement was issued by Kansas Secretary of Commerce Antonio Soave:  “The American Royal and the tradition of excellence that it brings are perfect for the state of Kansas, its business climate and its quality of life. Together, our ability to innovate while maintaining traditions is part of what makes Kansas such a unique place to live and work. We look forward to partnering with the American Royal, the Department of Agriculture and the Unified Government as we move into the future and build on the already superb experience of living in Kansas.”

The full news release issued by the American Royal Association is available below. For more information about the American Royal Association, visit http://www.americanroyal.com/.