10-14-16 Letter to the Editor: Kiowa County’s Phyllis Nelson supports Kimmi Lewis for District 64…

Kimmi LewisLetter to the Editor:

Kimmi Lewis registered as a Republican when she turned 18 and has served in many capacities in the Republican party since that time. She is very conservative and dedicated, honest and hardworking. She has a strong Christian background and strong family values and will serve to the best of her ability, and her abilities are many. She will faithfully serve House District 64.

Kimmi Lewis is very ardent in any type of work she does, whether it be in running the ranch, following up on current issues that affect the livelihood of not only her own family ranching business, and Agriculture, in general, but, that of other sectors of business and economy. She is a strong believer in people having the ability to govern their own affairs; take care of their own property without government intervention with regulations that cause hardships and are not conducive to growth and economy.

Kimmi Lewis is very good at gathering the facts on issues of importance. She studies and listens well to others’ views and opinions, and, because she watches and listens, she has prevented some real hard core attempts at eminent domain and taking of other properties by actions of those who have power in Colorado and in Washington, DC, namely, the Department of Defense, the EPA, the National Parks and Wildlife, and The Nature Conservancy. It was Kimmi’s perspicaciousness, along with informing the public, that helped to thwart the efforts made by these entities to force their way into peoples’ properties and lives. On more than one occasion, it was found that owners of properties were not notified of the intentions of those who were formulating the plans/bills that would be presented for Congressional consideration. What has happened to “Of the People, By the People and For the People” in our United States  Government?

Kimmi Lewis will serve ALL constituents well, as she will be a visible force in all the issues that affect each and every one of the nine counties in the State House District 64. She will be a PRESENCE at meetings and discussions, along with voting, on issues that affect the district. Kimmi will have a strong voter record of which her constituents will be proud.

Please join me in supporting KIMMI LEWIS as your REPRESENTATIVE IN COLORADO
HOUSE DISTRICT 64 in the November 2016 General Election.

Thank you.

Phyllis Nelson
Kiowa County Farmer and Housewife.