10-14-16 CO Corn: Nearly 200 Colorado farmers, industry representatives weigh in on EPA’s ‘flawed’ atrazine proposal

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Nearly 200 Colorado farmers, industry representatives weigh in on EPA’s ‘flawed’ atrazine proposal

Standing by more than 7,000 studies that have proven atrazine to be safe, nearly 200 Colorado farmers and representatives of the state’s agriculture industry submitted comments to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in recent weeks regarding its proposal that would effectively ban the long-used herbicide.

In what National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) officials described as a case of supreme irony, a report and proposal from the EPA this summer were highly critical of atrazine, an herbicide that helps reduce soil erosion and runoff, keeping soil healthy and our water clean.

Herbicides like atrazine have significantly changed conservation tillage practices, along with bringing other benefits to the table, and some studies also show that farming without atrazine could cost corn farmers up to $59 per acre.

Prior to the Oct. 5 comment deadline last week, 186 farmers and industry representatives from Colorado expressed opposition to the EPA’s proposal by signing onto petitions, sending postcards and submitting online comments.

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