10-14-16 CCGA votes to oppose amendments 69 and 70

Colorado Corn LogoCCGA votes to oppose amendments 69 and 70 

The Colorado Corn Growers Association’s (CCGA) Public Policy Committee this past week voted to take an official position of opposition to Amendment 69 and Amendment 70 — two measures that are on Colorado’s ballot this fall.

 The Committee said it opposes Amendment 69, which aims to create a government-run healthcare system, because of its increases to taxes and other burdens that would be placed on businesses, particularly small businesses, and also due to its impacts on the state budget. In regards to opposing Amendment 70, which would increase Colorado’s minimum wage to $12, the Committee also cited concerns for small businesses.
Prior to opposing these two measures, the Public Policy Committee this spring put its support behind the “Raise the Bar” efforts, which has resulted in Amendment 71 being placed on the ballot. This measure would make the state’s constitution tougher to amend, and make the process more inclusive of rural areas — requiring signatures from all 35 of Colorado’s state senate districts, and requiring 55 percent of the vote for passage.
Who is Colorado Corn? 
Colorado Corn, based in Greeley, is made up of the Colorado Corn Administrative Committee and the Colorado Corn Growers Association. 
The Colorado Corn Administrative Committee (CCAC) oversees how Colorado’s corn check-off dollars (one penny per bushel of corn produced in Colorado) are spent on research, market development, outreach, education and other various endeavors. 
The Colorado Corn Growers Association (CCGA) is comprised of dues-paying members who are politically active, focusing on policy that impacts corn producers and ag in general. 

See more about the work of the two organizations at www.coloradocorn.com.