10-14-16 CCAC sees all-time best refund rate in 2015-16 fiscal year

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CCAC sees all-time best refund rate in 2015-16 fiscal year 

The 2015-16 Colorado Corn Administrative Committee’s (CCAC) fiscal year ended on Sept. 30, with the organization seeing its refund rate for the year come in at 10.57 percent — a record low for the CCAC, which dates back to 1987. This year’s refund rate just slightly bested the 2014-15 fiscal year refund rate of 10.73 percent, which stood as the lowest on record for the organization until now. 
If corn producers don’t choose to support CCAC investments with their one-penny-per-bushel assessment, they have the opportunity to ask for it back, resulting in the refund statistics indicated above.
“It’s encouraging to see that so many producers recognize the value of their one-penny-per-bushel investment in research, market development and outreach endeavors. We work hard to leverage every penny entrusted to this organization and managed by our board of directors, and have now expanded to invest in export markets that impact Chicago Board of Trade pricing,” said Colorado Corn Executive Director Mark Sponsler. 
“And as times are challenging with low commodity prices, we’ll challenge ourselves to continue being efficient and impactful with these dollars.” 
The CCAC plays a vital role for corn producers. The CCAC’s one-penny-per-bushel funds are prohibited from being used for lobbying efforts, so the separate but supportive Colorado Corn Growers Association (CCGA), with is dues-paying members, leads efforts on public policy issues. But investments in the areas of research, market development and outreach are the responsibility of the CCAC.
Who is Colorado Corn? 
Colorado Corn, based in Greeley, is made up of the Colorado Corn Administrative Committee and the Colorado Corn Growers Association. 
The Colorado Corn Administrative Committee (CCAC) oversees how Colorado’s corn check-off dollars (one penny per bushel of corn produced in Colorado) are spent on research, market development, outreach, education and other various endeavors. 
The Colorado Corn Growers Association (CCGA) is comprised of dues-paying members who are politically active, focusing on policy that impacts corn producers and ag in general. 

See more about the work of the two organizations at www.coloradocorn.com.