10-13-16 RMFU Board Takes a Thumbs Up Stand on Raise The Bar, Let Colorado Vote, Thumbs Down on State Health Care

RMFU New logo 111315RMFU Board Takes a Thumbs Up Stand on Raise The Bar, Let Colorado Vote, Thumbs Down on State Health Care

The Rocky Mountain Farmers Union board of directors is urging its Colorado members to vote “no” on Amendment 69, “yes” on Amendment 71, and “Yes” on Propositions 107 and 108.

Amendment 69 is asking voters to approve a state health care system. RMFU policy does call for a national single payer health care program; however, RMFU opposes Amendment 69 as it would amend the state constitution, which runs counter to the farm organization’s policy.

The RMFU Board endorses Amendment 71, commonly known as “Raise The Bar.” The Board noted this amendment would return a measure of grassroots organizing to the process of proposing amendments to the state constitution. Specifically, groups attempting to put a constitutional amendment on the ballot would have to obtain petition signers from each of the 35 state senate districts which allows all regions of Colorado to show the level of support for such amendments.

For similar reasons, the RMFU Board supports “Yes” votes on Propositions 107 and 108. These propositions would establish a presidential primary and would allow unaffiliated voters to participate in primary elections. The outcome would allow voters unaffiliated with political parties to have a voice in choosing candidates to appear on general election ballots.

Farmers Union is a non-partisan organization. It does not endorse candidates for public office. It does, however, advocate for policy positions introduced and voted on by its members. To learn more about RMFU policy, click here.