10-12-16 A Closer Look at CO’s Ballot Initiatives & Amendments w/Independence Institute’s Amy Oliver Cooke…


amy_oliver_cooke(The BARN – Briggsdale, CO) October 12, 2016 – Joining me inside the BARN on the Colorado Ag News Network is Amy Oliver Cooke is the Executive Vice President and Director of the Energy Policy Center for the Independence Institute, and we’ll be discussing the upcoming elections and in particular the statewide ballot initiatives and amendments. There are 9 statewide ballot measures are certified to appear on the Colorado ballot on November 8th…

  • Amendment T*
  • Amendment U*
  • Amendment 69*
  • Amendment 70 *
  • Amendment 71**
  • Amendment 72**
  • Proposition 106**
  • Proposition 107**
  • Proposition 108**
  • & More**

*Amy Oliver Cooke Interview – Part 1


**Amy Oliver Cooke Interview – Part 2


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