10-06-16 Tri-Lamb Young Leaders Forum

ALB-American Lamb Board

Tri-Lamb Young Leaders Forum

The new Tri-Lamb Young Leader Program, kicked off with meetings and tours in Australia and New Zealand in August.  Young leaders from the US, Australia and New Zealand embarked on a two-week program, touring Australia and New Zealand including attending Australia’s premier sheep industry event LambEx 2016 as well as visits showcasing the industry supply chain.  

This new program, coordinated through American Sheep Industry’s (ASI) Young Entrepreneur Program, was designed to create a forum of young producers and leaders from the United States, Australia and New Zealand to share ideas, network and to broaden the understanding of sheep production practices and issues in all three countries.

Next year, the US delegates will be hosting the young leaders from Australia and New Zealand in the US for industry tours and visits highlighting the diversity of the US Sheep Industry.  They will also be giving reports on their trip during the ASI Annual Sheep Convention in Denver, January 25-28, 2017.

US Delegates:
Dale Thorne, MI
Katie Olagaray, KS
Karissa Maneotis, CO
Ryan Mahoney, CA
Brad Osguthorpe, UT