09-30-16 Reminder: NAWG Seeks Nominations for Wheat Industry Leaders of Tomorrow Program…

National Wheat Foundation

nawg-photo-leadershiptrainingReminder: NAWG Seeks Nominations for Wheat Industry Leaders of Tomorrow Program

As the Wheat Industry Leaders of Tomorrow (WILOT) Program is fast approaching, NAWG is seeking nominations by our state associations of potential leaders to enroll. This program is sponsored and produced annually by Monsanto in partnership with the National Wheat Foundation and is targeted at producers who want to take on a greater role of leadership becoming more involved in their state wheat grower associations or by pursuing a position on the NAWG officer team. WILOT includes sessions on personal skills identification, establishing rapport with an uninformed public, and effectively engaging the public through new and traditional media outlets.

Nominees should be current or up-and-coming farming leaders who currently hold leadership positions or those who aspire to, either within their state associations or with NAWG. Your nominations should include your nominee’s résumé and at least one paragraph sharing why they should be selected.  Please submit your nominations by Wednesday, October 5th.  In participating in WILOT, travel, hotel accommodations, and meals will be covered through the program. The program will take place in St. Louis, Mo, from November 13-18, 2016.