08-22-16 CO Corn: ‘Take Action’ packets headed your way in the mail…

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‘Take Action’ packets headed your way in the mail

Colorado Corn staff is sending out packages this month, which contain contents intended to bring attention to some timely issues of interest to corn growers — topics that run the gamut on renewable energy concerns, corn disease, and regulations pertaining to important crop-production tools. 

We’re asking those who receive it to take just a few moments to both examine these materials, and also use the included instructions to assist in our outreach efforts. 

The requested action regarding the corn-disease survey will pertain to just corn farmers, crop consultants and perhaps a few others. However, the other two issues discussed — regarding automakers’ potential moves to reduce production of Flex-Fuel Vehicles, and the EPA’s proposal that could lead to the loss of farmers’ ability to use atrazine — would benefit from the voices of the general public, in addition to farmers.

If you don’t receive a “Take Action” package this month, or if you have questions pertaining to the information inside, please call us at (970) 351-8201.

Submitted to BARN Media by: Eric Brown, (970) 351-8201, ebrown@coloradocorn.com