08-18-16 Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products certifies automatic calf feeder experts…

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Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products certifies automatic calf feeder experts

LOLAMP_Autofeeder Map Graphic_FINAL_072816Shoreview, Minn.  [August 18, 2016] – Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products Co., has invested in automatic calf feeding certification and training programs to equip its sales and service personnel with the latest information and skills to advise clients using automatic calf feeders.

“As more dairies embrace automatic calf feeders, our staff will be prepared to assist them in developing and managing a successful system and nutrition program,” says Tom Earleywine, Ph.D., director of nutritional services for Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products Company. “Integrating an automatic calf feeder into your calf program requires a systematic approach and a higher level of management, as well as proper consideration and planning.”

Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products, who has almost 10 years of research with automatic calf feeders, developed a training program with German-based Förster-Technik, a manufacturer of automatic calf feeders. The certification and training covers programming, operating and maintaining automatic calf feeder systems, as well as managing the nutrition systems to do what is best for calves.

“Because automatic calf feeders provide round-the-clock access to liquid nutrients, they closely mimic the feeding patterns of calves nursing their dams. This ready supply of nutrients also helps promote full potential feeding — delivering at least 2.5 pounds of milk solids in 8 to 12 liters of water per day,” notes Earleywine. “A growing body of research shows full potential feeding of pre-weaned calves leads to better feed efficiency, lower age at first calving and higher first-lactation milk production as animals mature.”

A cornerstone of Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products training efforts is the certification of both Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products national account managers and Purina Animal Nutrition’s regional calf and heifer specialists. These professionals are available throughout the United States. You can find a new interactive map to contact your local representative by visiting www.lolmilkreplacer.com.

“Our team is here to help you at every stage – whether you are considering an automatic calf feeder or already own one, they are prepared to help you select a nutrition and management plan to match your goals,” says Earleywine.

For additional information on Land O’Lakes Animal Milk Products or how to feed your calves to their fullest potential, visitwww.facebook.com/WeCareforCalves, https://www.youtube.com/WeCareforCalves or call 800-618-6455.

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