08-18-16 Farmers’ Almanac is Looking to Honor Outstanding Farmers…

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Farmers’ Almanac is Looking to Honor Outstanding Farmers

Celebrating the 200th edition of the Farmers’ Almanacwould not be complete without honoring a profession that is even older than we are – farming. The people who work in agriculture are vital to our everyday life, and we’d like to thank them in the pages of the Farmers’ Almanac.

From the food on our tables, to the clothes on our backs, farmers and ranchers are the backbones of our country. Today, people who live far removed from the farm are showing more and more interest in where their food comes from, and yearn to reconnect with those who are dedicated to feeding our families. So, we want to share some stories of exemplary farmers and ranchers and honor three of the best with the title of “Farmers’ Almanac Farmer Of The Year.”

Looking for Outstanding Farmers and Ranchers to Honor

Together with the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF), the Farmers’ Almanac is searching for outstanding farmers and ranchers from all over the country to share stories of how they actively contribute to the agricultural community, embrace and explore innovations and technologies, and are true leaders and inspirations in their respective farming fields.

We’re looking for nominees who have figured out how to keep their centuries-old, family-run farms alive and thriving, as well as newcomers who may have just started out in farming or ranching.

How to Enter

Whether you are a farmer or rancher or know of a farmer or rancher who deserves to be recognized and honored, simply tell us in 300 words or less what makes your nominee outstanding in the following areas:

  • Supporting the Tradition: How long has this farmer/rancher been in their field? How did he or she get involved in agriculture and why?
  • Innovation in Agriculture: How does your nominee embrace technology or new ways of farming and ranching?
  • Community Involvement: How does your nominee engage his/her community to support agriculture and/or teach us more about farming overall?
  • Inspiration: Don’t forget a few words about why your nominee is a true leader in agriculture and, in your opinion, deserves to be recognized as one of three Farmers’ Almanac Farmers Of The Year.

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All nominations must be received by January 31, 2017, and can only be submitted online at:


Winners will be announced in the 2018 Farmers’ Almanac and on our web site.


Judges from the American Farm Bureau Federation as well as the Farmers’ Almanac will review all of the entries and select three winners who, based on the categories above, best exemplify outstanding farming practices, farming tradition, and are worthy of the title of “Farmers’ Almanac Farmers Of The Year“. Winners will be offered reimbursement for a one-year membership to the Farm Bureau in their county of residence, a lifetime subscription to the Farmers’ Almanac, and have their farm and story featured in the pages of the 2018 Farmers’ Almanac.