08-16-16 USCA: Cattle Producer’s Forum to Feature Panels on Industry Outlook; Markets; Trade & Young Producers


Cattle Producer’s Forum to Feature Panels on Industry Outlook; Markets; Trade & Young Producers

WASHINGTON – The 2016 Cattle Producer’s Forum, hosted by the United States Cattlemen’s Association (USCA) and in partnership with the Intertribal Agriculture Council, Montana Cattlemen’s Association, Bitterroot Stockgrowers, Beartooth Stockgrowers, and the Marias River Livestock Association, will feature panels focused on the future of the U.S. cattle industry.
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08-16-16 Save the Date: Saving Places 2017 Conference

Saving Places Conference 2017 logoSave the Date: Saving Places 2017 Conference

The Saving Places ® Conference has become a valued Colorado tradition, providing individuals interested in historic preservation the opportunity to gather for high-quality education and networking. In 2017 Colorado Preservation, Inc.(CPI) will celebrate the 20th anniversary of this conference – that is 20 years of…

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07-16-16 *CSU Ext News* Ron Meyer: Wheat Variety Results Meetings on Aug 30…

CSU Extension Header

BARN Media Stock Photo

BARN MEDIA Stock Photo

Wheat Variety Results Meetings

(Burlington, Colo.) – *UPDATED* One hundred bushel per acre dryland wheat!  Colorado State University Extension is hosting wheat variety test plot results meetings on Tuesday August 30 and will discuss trial results that produced this yield along with the other site’s results.  These informational meetings will make available the 2016 Collaborative On Farm Trial (COFT) results from the nearly 20 on-farm trials that were conducted in Colorado during the 2016 season.   The meeting will focus on wheat production with both dryland and irrigated results being shared.

   Times and locations for the programs are Tuesday August 30 beginning at 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. at the Washington County Events Center.  The same program will be held at the Burlington Community Center from 2 pm to 3:30 pm on Tuesday August 30th.

Topics covered and speakers include Dr. Jerry Johnson, Colorado State University Crops Testing Specialist discussing the 2016 Colorado on-farm wheat trial results, including the location that averaged 100 bushels per acre.  In addition, Dr. Scott Haley, Colorado State University Wheat Breeder, will discuss the wheat breeding program, new wheat varieties, and wheat breeding program priorities.  In addition, Rick Novak, Colorado State University Seed Specialist, will cover the topic of “do we need to treat our seed”?

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08-16-16 EPA and DOT Finalize Greenhouse Gas and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Heavy-Duty Trucks…

EPA Headquarters News Release header

EPA and DOT Finalize Greenhouse Gas and Fuel Efficiency Standards for Heavy-Duty Trucks

Standards address second-largest segment of U.S. transportation in terms of emissions and energy use

WASHINGTON – Today the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) jointly finalized standards for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles that will improve fuel efficiency and cut carbon pollution, while bolstering energy security and spurring manufacturing innovation. The final phase two standards were called for by President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, and respond to the President’s directive in early 2014 to develop new standards that run into the next decade. Continue reading

08-16-16 Inside the BARN with Charles Baron of the Farmers Business Network…

FBN - Farmers Business Network logo

Charles Baron -FBN VP of Product and Co-Founder(BARN Media – Briggsdale, CO) August 16, 2016 – Wouldn’t it be nice IF there was a way to level the playing field for farmers by simply networking farms together and enabling transparent national access to manufacturer direct prices on farm inputs?

Well – THAT IS POSSIBLE, and joining the CO Ag News Network by telephone is Charles Baron, Co-Founder & Vice-President of Product with The Farmer’s Business Network



08-16-16 NCGA: EPA Atrazine Decision Could Cost Corn Farmers $2.5 Billion…

NCGA News Release logo

EPA Atrazine Decision Could Cost Corn Farmers $2.5 Billion

A new report from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on atrazine could cost the industry $2.5 billion in yield losses and increased input costs, at a time when net farm incomes are already in steep decline.
“Farmers cannot afford to lose access to atrazine,” said Wesley Spurlock, a farmer from Stratford, Texas, and First Vice President of the National Corn Growers Association. “The farm economy has been struggling the past few years, and this could mean the difference between a profit and a loss for many farmers.” Continue reading

08-16-16 White House, EPA Honor Environmental Educators and Student Award Winners, some from CO…

EPA Headquarters News Release header

White House, EPA Honor Environmental Educators and Student Award Winners

CO’s PIAEE: Heather Berry, Highlands Ranch High School, Highlands Ranch, Colorado; Monika Cloys, Lake County High School, Leadville, Colorado;

CO’s PEYA: Lake County Schools, Colorado; Mackintosh Academy 8th Grade Students

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the White House Council on Environmental Quality, recognized 18 teachers and 63 students from across the country for their outstanding contributions to environmental education and stewardship.  These 2015 winners and honorable mentions for the annual President’s Environmental Youth Award (PEYA) and 2015/2016 Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators (PIAEE) were honored for their work at a ceremony today at the White House. The event included remarks from Gina McCarthy, EPA Administrator; Dr. John Holdren, President Obama’s Chief Senior Advisor; and John King, Secretary of Education.

“These teacher and student winners are exemplary leaders, committed to strong environmental conservation and tackling problems including landfill waste and climate change head on,” said EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. “Environmental education cultivates our next generation of leaders by teaching them how to apply skills in creativity and innovation. I have no doubt that teachers and students like these will someday solve some of our most complex and important issues.” Continue reading

08-16-16 CAB: Top End Farms’ Hasart of Bethune, CO talks natural progress

CAB-RGB-LG logoCAB: Top End Farms’ Hasart of Bethune, CO talks natural progress

Jerry Hasart, manager of Top End Farms from Bethune, Colo., talks about improving genetics and expanding the operation despite adversity. This video news is provided by Certified Angus Beef LLC and the American Angus Association. Visit http://www.CABpartners.com or http://www.angus.org for more information.


08-16-16 National FFA Organization, Discovery Education and AgCareers.com Join Forces to Introduce Students to Agriculture

National FFA Emblem - REfreshed March 2015National FFA Organization, Discovery Education and AgCareers.com Join Forces to Introduce Students to Agriculture

INDIANAPOLIS (Tuesday, August 16, 2016/National FFA Organization) – In today’s world, students are always looking for ways to get a jumpstart on the competition, and employers are looking for employees who are a cut above the rest. It’s for this reason that the National FFA Organization, Discovery Education and AgCareers.com have partnered to create AgExplorer. Continue reading

READ the NAFB’s National Ag News for Tuesday, August 16th…

CLICK HERE to listen to TODAY's BARN Morning Ag News with Brian Allmer...

CLICK HERE to listen to TODAY’s BARN Morning Ag News with Brian Allmer…

Sponsored by the American Farm Bureau Federation

Obama Tells Congress That TPP Is Coming

The White House let Congress know last Friday morning that it will be bringing the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement to lawmakers in a move that’s intended to bring new energy to the discussions. The move comes amid a presidential campaign that has both major party candidates coming out against the deal as a “job-killer.” Politico’s Morning Agriculture Report says President Obama feels the deal would pass in a lame-duck session of Congress, noting that he’d like to discuss that fact with lawmakers once the elections are over instead of playing political football with the topic. Obama called America, “A part of the global economy,” stressing the necessity of international supply chains and the importance of the export sector to U.S. jobs and the economy. While Republicans in Congress have questions about the deal they’d like answered, many Democrats called the deal a non-starter because of concerns about enforcing labor and environmental standards in countries like Vietnam. Currency manipulation is another part of the deal that Congress wants answers on.


U.S. Dairy Farmers Ask USDA to Buy Cheese

U.S. Dairy farmers have asked the USDA to purchase up to $150 million dollars’ worth of cheese. Pro Farmer’s First Thing Today says that money could purchase up to 90 million pounds of cheese to help feed the poor, and it also would help farmers struggling with the lowest milk prices they’ve seen since 2009. National Milk Producer’s Federation CEO Jim Mulhern said it would remove the equivalent of 900 million gallons of milk from the market. That move would boost global on farm income by 16 cents per hundredweight over one year, and improve dairy farmer income by $380 million dollars. Worldwide demand has slumped over the last two years, with a large part of that due to fewer purchases from China and Russia.   


Indonesian Wheat Milling Executives Coming to America

U.S. Wheat Associates will bring milling executives from one of the largest Indonesian companies to America this month to tour the U.S. wheat supply chain.  The managers of four different flour mills under the same umbrella company will learn how U.S. hard red spring wheat, hard red winter wheat, and soft white can help to fill the needs in their expanding market. U.S. Wheat Associates says it has had success promoting the processing advantages of flour made from U.S. hard red spring and winter wheat in bread products. The group says it will also promote the advantages of soft white for great performance in cakes, cookies, and other soft wheat products. U.S. wheat has been at a price disadvantage against Canadian wheat over the past couple of years.  U.S. Wheat regional vice president Matt Weimar said, “it’s important to bring in executives from large overseas companies to put a face to the advantages of American wheat. It makes a difference when a buyer can meet with the breeders, grain handlers, and farmers that make U.S. wheat the most reliable supply in the world.” The tour runs from August 17-27 in North Dakota and the Pacific Northwest.


Favorable Harvest Weather Ahead for Harvest

Corn and soybeans are progressing in the Midwest well ahead of average, and if you combine that with good harvest weather in the forecast, harvest 2016 might start early this year. As of now, the September and October weather outlooks don’t call for any major delays for farmers bringing in their crops.  Dale Mohler of AccuWeather says the September outlook calls for normal rains in the Midwest and below normal in the South. Mohler said, “ideally, farmers would like it a bit drier for harvest, but there will be three to five day-stretches of dry weather between rains.” However, October outlook calls for cooler and wetter weather. There is one area that may actually get above normal rainfall in October, and that’s in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and northern Iowa. The other biggest weather threats during harvest time are an early freeze and extreme winds, but they don’t appear to be a big threat this year.  The risk of an early frost looks lower than normal because of a warm September, but it’s not out of the question.  Mohler said an average October freeze may not be a factor if farmers can get into the fields early and make good progress in September.


Canada and China Canola Talks End Without Deal

China recently threatened to toughen its inspection standards for canola imports from Canada, threatening up to $2 billion in Canadian canola exports.  Canada is the world’s largest exporter of canola, mainly used to make vegetable oil. Reuters says the impending move led to talks between the countries, which recently broke off ahead of a visit of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. China’s quarantine authority recently announced it would impose stricter import inspection standards due to concerns over the crop disease blackleg. The move was supposed to take place on April 1 but was postponed to September first. The recent talks ended without China backing down from the threat of tougher sanctions, but talks between the two governments are expected to continue. Some experts say the move might make it more difficult for China to get a free trade deal with Canada which it has been pushing for recently.


Application of Dicamba on Cotton and Soybeans Is Unlawful

The Environmental Protection Agency and several state agencies have gotten reports about crop damage that appears to be related to the use of herbicides containing dicamba. Extension experts in several states across the country believe that the illegal use of dicamba products on adjacent or nearby fields containing dicamba-resistant cotton and soybean crops is what caused the damage. The EPA has not registered any dicamba herbicides for use at planting or over the top of growing plants like soybeans or cotton, including those plants that are modified to resist dicamba. That means any dicamba application during the growing season is against the law.  Use on cotton and soybean fields are restricted to pre-plant or post-harvest burndown applications only. Missouri has fielded over 100 complaints about dicamba misuse, and estimates are that more than 42,000 acres of crops have been infected. Other complaints have shown up in Arkansas, Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Texas. 

SOURCE: NAFB News Service