08-12-16 CEA to Launch National Pipeline Campaign to Educate Consumers on How U.S. Energy Infrastructure Ensures Stable Energy Prices…

CEA - Consumer Energy Alliance logoCEA to Launch National Pipeline Campaign to Educate Consumers on How U.S. Energy Infrastructure Ensures Stable Energy Prices

Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), a consumer advocacy organization made up of more than 400,000 members that include consumers, farmers, manufacturers, labor groups, along with conventional and renewable energy providers across America, is launching its national “Pipelines for America” campaign. The campaign will focus on educating homeowners, small businesses and elected officials about the critical importance of meeting our energy needs through U.S. energy infrastructure – and how more is needed to ensure stable electricity costs and fuel prices, and improve environmental protection.

CEA and its member companies believe that it is crucial that we have enough energy to meet the growing demand from American businesses and consumers. Families should not have to worry about which bills they can afford to pay, but without sufficient safe, reliable energy infrastructure this could be a reality for people across America.

And in many parts of the nation, it already is. Those Americans without adequate access to pipelines paid more than fifty percent more for electricity than neighboring states who have greater pipeline capacity.

That is why CEA has become increasingly concerned about the lack of sufficient US energy infrastructure and what it could mean for millions of American families and small businesses who depend on reliable, affordable energy and have, to date, benefited from America’s record-setting energy revolution of recent years.

According to an IHS Global Insight study commissioned by the National Association of Manufacturers, in 2015, record increases in US energy production contributed to making US companies more competitive, adding nearly two million jobs economy-wide and providing an extra $1,300 to the average consumer’s wallet. However, CEA and its members are increasingly concerned that despite America’s abundant natural resources, the nation lacks the pipelines and transmission lines required to transport energy, safely to where it’s needed.

Pipelines enhance our nation’s energy security, which is more than just having abundant natural resources – it means having continuous access to resources at an affordable price. Simply put, by expanding our energy infrastructure, we can give greater economic security to those struggling to meet family budgets. New and expanded pipelines lower power bills and the cost of fuel and gasoline. With pipelines, American’s could save more money to enjoy a night out for dinner, pay for an unplanned emergency, or even take a well-deserved vacation.

“Given the nation’s critical energy infrastructure needs, CEA is increasingly troubled that a small but vocal minority who back the so-called ‘Keep It in The Ground’ movement are attempting to stop energy projects – including power projects associated with renewable energy – with misinformation. This notion is illogical, unrealistic and threatens to harm American consumers, jobs, and families, as well as the economic progress made possible by America’s energy revolution,” said CEA President David Holt. “That’s why CEA’s campaign seeks to alert the American public of the urgent need for pipelines and the continued importance of both safeguarding our environment and developing our energy resources responsibly. It is irrefutable that we can have both sensible energy development and a safe environment. It defies logic why some groups continue to say otherwise.”

As part of the larger campaign, CEA is launching a new website, www.pipeline.consumerenergyalliance.org, to promote public awareness of energy infrastructure and the importance of pipeline development to regions throughout the United States, and to improve understanding about the critical role pipelines play in our daily lives. By ensuring safe, reliable and affordable access to energy — bringing the power to heat and cool our homes, drive our economy, fuel our farms, and provide feedstocks for energy-intensive industries and the building blocks of critical life-saving medicines –American’s must be able to meet their energy needs through pipeline infrastructure.

Throughout the year CEA will be holding events, grassroots activities and participating in advertising across several states, but this is where we need you. Your voice is important in spreading the word and letting your friends and neighbors know how important energy infrastructure is to our daily lives. Energy not only provides good jobs, but it allows us to spend time with our families in meaningful ways. To learn more about “Pipelines for America”, visit our website and sign up to show your support.