08-08-16 CSU Ext-Weld County: 2016 Fall Master Gardeners…

CSU Extension Master Gardener LogoColorado Master Gardeners in Weld County are now accepting applications for Fall training that will begin in late September, 2016.  Classes will occur on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00 to 9:00 pm and will be located in Boulder County.  Applications are due by August 21, 2016 for the Fall training classes.  There will also be a Spring training during the day on Fridays, beginning in January.  Spring applications will be available later in the calendar year. 

The Master Gardener program provides training in horticulture to interested gardeners who then volunteer their time, helping Colorado residents through Weld County’s Colorado State University Extension office.  Working with CSU Extension experts, Master Gardeners provide services to local community including answering gardening questions, conducting plant clinics, working with youth or the elderly, developing demonstration or community gardens, and beautifying the community.

Candidates for the Colorado Master Gardener Program should want to learn more about plants and gardening and be willing to participate in a practical training program followed by the completion of volunteer hours.

For more information, call or send an email message to Amy Lentz at (970) 400-2073 or alentz@co.weld.co.us.

Submitted to The BARN by:

Amy Lentz

Horticulture/Agriculture Extension Agent, Weld County

Colorado State University Extension, Weld County

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