07-25-16 CCA is Advancing The Legacy as 150th Birthday Approaches

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CCA is Advancing The Legacy as 150th Birthday Approaches

Advancing The Legacy

Arvada, CO – July 21, 2016 – As the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association approaches its 150th anniversary in 2017, the need to evolve conventional approaches and structures is top-of-mind.  Our goal is to do everything in our power to exceed expectations from members of the state’s leading beef industry trade organization.

“Now more than ever, a vibrant industry voice is needed to secure understanding of how and why beef production in Colorado is directly correlated to the state’s economy, environment and society”, said Tim Lehmann, CCA President.  Lehmann went on to say, “CCA is engaging in an association-wide and industry-wide scoping, with the sole focus of securing and advancing Colorado’s beef industry in light of the significant challenges and opportunities beef producers will face.”

CCA will concentrate this scoping in three areas:

  1. Infrastructure Refinement
  2. Capacity Building
  3. Strategic Implementation

The organization will evolve these scoping areas beyond the beef production chain to the consumers and citizens who live in, and visit, Colorado.  Ultimately, CCA will retool its methodologies and organizational paradigms to a model focused around an expanded mission of “Advancing the Legacy” of the industry and association.

Initiated at the 2016 Annual Convention and Trade Show, CCA’s membership began  an ongoing review of our state, industry and organization with a simple thought in mind… can these three co-exist and prosper under our current approaches?  Concerns and optimism abounded from those in attendance who ultimately requested that the organization’s leadership mobilize. Attendees asked that CCA take command of their future by embracing the changing demography through securing needed tools that their businesses will require to be sustainable and profitable.  In one attendee’s words…”You don’t get to be a 150-year-old association by not having anticipated change and then changing yourself”.

In the coming months, CCA will convene various stakeholders to inventory data and information that will be utilized to develop a 2-3 year strategic implementation plan.  This plan will be ready to launch by June 2017, coinciding with the celebration of CCA’s 150th anniversary.

The initial step will be to align CCA staffing resources to be results-driven, with high value placed on excellence and service to the members of the organization.

Executive Vice President – Terry Fankhauser
This position serves as the chief executive officer of the association with the responsibility of the day-to-day operations of CCA.

  • Overall organizational operations
  • Public policy and issues management
  • Organizational spokesperson
  • Organizational planning and execution
Membership Engagement Director – Heidi Brown
This position will focus on systems and objectives that yield enhanced membership growth and retention through individuals, affiliates and emerging demographics of membership.
  • Develop and lead new plans for membership growth systems
  • Serve as liaison between affiliates, membership recruiters, and the Junior Colorado Cattlemen; with focus on developing results-oriented engagement
  • Ensure coordination among all membership types and categories that yields lifelong and generational engagement
Marketing and Communications Director – Sarah Smith 
This position will focus on the communication vehicles and events to ensure timely and appropriate conveyance of information to members and the public
  • Development and implementation of the Association’s marketing strategies, public relations activities and communications; including CCA’s quarterly magazine, the Cattle Guard and digital media
  • Market the association and membership in innovative ways that return on investment to individual members and the association
  • Provide quality events that showcase beef production and the CCA
Industry Advancement Director – Erin Karney
This position will focus on developing and executing programs that yield services to the membership in beef cattle production and resource stewardship.  The position will deliver programs to beginning/young producers and ongoing guidance for traditionally-engaged producers/landowners.
  • Direct overall operations of the Ranching Legacy Program and associated lectureships.
  • Principally responsible for the execution of CCA programs such as the CO-AG Legal Center, Colorado Resource Monitoring Program, etc.
  • Coordinate project and grant development
  • Engage collegiate level membership in CCA
Colorado Political Advocates – Danny Williams and Bob Simpson
This position acts as the principal lobbyist team and political advisors to CCA.
Registered lobbyist for the CCA with the Colorado General Assembly
  • Advises CCA on ballot and election campaigns at the state and national levels
  • Serves on CCA’s Political Action Committee
Accounting Director – Jonathan Rogers
This position transacts all association financial accounting and is responsible for state and federal compliance of CCA non-profit IRS status.
  • Payables and receivables
  • Employment and tax reporting
  • Audits
Colorado Ag Water NetWORK Coordinator – Phil Brink
  • Coordinates CCA’s efforts to provide assistance to water right owners in implementing water use enhancements for quantity and quality.
  • Provides technical assistance commensurate with state and federal laws
  • Assists in developing project scope and criteria
  • Develops funding strategies for water project implementation
CCA/CCALT Fellows – Kacie Burns and Michael-Anne Goodart
The post-bachelor fellowships develop future conservation and beef industry professionals who seek additional qualifications and experiences previous to entering their chosen career path.
  • Focus is on the basics of trade association and land trust competencies in Colorado’s ranching and beef production industry
  • The fellows serve as support staff across all sectors of each association
  • The varied experience will deliver broad association management knowledge, coupled with strategic execution of programs and services

Colorado Cattlemen’s Association is the premier cattlemen’s association that serves as the principal voice and advocate for Colorado beef production by ensuring a dynamic and profitable industry that promotes growth and opportunity for future generations. Our commitment lies within these core competencies:  Government Affairs – Issue Management – Communication and Outreach – Member Services and Benefits.