07-19-16 Syngenta introduces two new high-yielding AgriPro® brand winter wheat varieties to Plains growers…

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Syngenta introduces two new high-yielding AgriPro® brand winter wheat varieties to Plains growers

  • SY Flint and SY Sunrise hard red winter wheat varieties offer high yield potential, good disease tolerance and a comprehensive agronomic package
  • Planting quality certified seed varieties, incorporating good planting practices are critical to help wheat start strong

AgriPro Syngenta logoMINNETONKA, Minn., USA, July 19, 2016 – Adding to the proven portfolio of AgriPro® brand wheat varieties, Syngenta is introducing SY Flint and SY Sunrise hard red winter wheat varieties for the 2016-2017 season.

“SY Flint and SY Sunrise are both top performing winter wheat varieties well-suited for growers in the Plains,” said Greg McCormack, Plains region key account manager, Syngenta. “Both varieties have consistently excelled in yield trials. They also offer tolerance to stripe rust, the number one disease that is on the mind for growers as they select varieties.”

  • SY Flint: With a strong pedigree that includes Jagalene and Oklahoma State University wheat variety Duster, SY Flint has high-end yield potential and a medium early maturity. This variety has outstanding agronomic traits, including low pH tolerance, Hessian fly resistance and excellent test weight and straw strength. SY Flint has good disease tolerance traits, including tolerance to stripe rust, and barley yellow dwarf virus (BYDV). This variety is well suited for both dryland and irrigated acres in Kansas, Oklahoma and northern Texas.
  • SY Sunrise: SY Sunrise is the highest yielding irrigated wheat variety from AgriPro. This variety offers good straw strength and is short in height. It is a very high tillering variety, with large seeds, excellent test weight and good winter hardiness. This variety has good disease tolerance to stripe, leaf and stem rust. SY Sunrise is best suited for high yielding environments like irrigated acres in the western High Plains. SY Sunrise also requires a Seed Stewardship Agreement specifying No Saved Seed, in order for farmers to maximize their yield by using quality certified seed each growing season.

Other AgriPro winter wheat varieties for the Central and Southern Plains include AP503 CL2, Greer, Jackpot, Jagalene, TAM 111, TAM 401, SY Llano, SY Monument, SY Razor, SY Southwind and SY Wolf.

As winter wheat growers prepare for the upcoming planting season, Syngenta recommends implementing an integrated approach to crop management. Syngenta reminds growers to select varieties with superior genetics and to use balanced agronomic practices. Planting quality certified seed varieties and incorporating good planting practices, such as residue management, following proper seeding rates and using seed treatments, are critical to helping wheat start strong.

Seed treatments like CruiserMaxx® Vibrance® Cereals insecticide/fungicide protect seeds the moment they are planted. As the season progresses, growers are encouraged to scout and apply foliar fungicides as necessary. Growers who choose an integrated management approach will greatly benefit at harvest time, having maximized both their wheat yield and profit potential.

For more information about AgriPro brand wheat varieties or to find a local AgriPro Associate, visit http://www.agriprowheat.com. Join the conversation online – connect with us at social.SyngentaUS.com.

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