07-14-16 CFB: U.S. House passes GMO labeling compromise

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U.S. House passes GMO labeling compromise

Centennial, Colo. July 14, 2016 Colorado Farm Bureau is pleased that the House of Representatives passed the S. 764 by a vote of 306-117. S. 764 created a national labeling standard for food containing GMO’s.

“We would like to thank Congressman Lamborn for standing with Colorado agriculture today and joining Senators Bennet and Gardner in passing legislation creating a national standard on GMO labeling,” President of Colorado Farm Bureau Don Shawcroft said. “This legislation will end the confusion created by a state-by-state approach to food labeling.”

In 2014, Colorado turned down GMO labeling by 65% of the vote showing Colorado voters understood state-by-state labeling only creates confusion. S. 764 was compromise legislation that preempted single state laws and created a national standard.

“A federal standard is needed to bring stability to the food marketplace,” continued Shawcroft. “We cannot operate with a patchwork of state laws. It was surprising to see Colorado representatives from the western slope and eastern plains oppose this legislation. This law was a compromise that was not pleasing to everyone but was necessary because of the legal implications that the Vermont law imposed on the rest of the country. While it passed with overwhelming support, it is disappointing that the majority of Colorado representatives did not side with their farmer and rancher constituents.”

The legislation now proceeds to the President for signature.

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