07-08-16 “The Dog Lover,” A Protect The Harvest Film, Opens Today

Protect the Harvest

The Dog Lover Movie Poster

The long wait is over! We’re excited to announce that “The Dog Lover” opens today in theaters and Video On Demand, nationwide.

Beautifully shot, heart-pounding, and gut-wrenching; this movie will open your eyes to a world you only thought you knew. You have to see this to truly understand what happens when you end up on the wrong side of right.

The movie is inspired by several real-life events, you can learn more about one of them here.

To find out where it’s playing go to www.TheDogLoverMovie.com.

Here’s what people are saying: “A great David and Goliath story.”  “Grazes A Nerve.” “A dramatic thriller.” 



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