07-08-16 CFB: U.S. Senate passes GMO labeling compromise…

CFB-Colorado Farm Bureau Logo LGU.S. Senate passes GMO labeling compromise

Centennial, Colo. July 8, 2016 – Colorado Farm Bureau is pleased that the Senate passed the Roberts/Stabenow compromise on the labeling of foods containing GMO by a vote of 63-30.

“The Senate had to take this issue up quickly because a single state in the northeast is imposing their will upon us,” President of Colorado Farm Bureau Don Shawcroft said. “The Vermont GMO labeling law took effect on July 1. While this law aims to increase food labeling transparency and consumer knowledge, it is neither transparent nor does it give information that consumers want. Simply put, it doesn’t do what it claims to do, and without Senate action America will be stuck in a lose-lose situation  There have been calls for Vermont law to be the law of the land, but last time I checked, Vermont state legislators have not been elected by Coloradans.”

In 2014, Colorado turned down GMO labeling by 65% of the vote. Colorado voters still wanted transparency, but they understood that state-by-state labeling only creates confusion. The Stabenow/Roberts compromise that passed the Senate provides one national standard.

“A federal standard is needed to bring stability to the food marketplace. We cannot operate with a patchwork of state laws”, continued Shawcroft, “Senators Bennet and Gardner heard the will of Colorado voters and we are pleased that they supported this measure.”

The legislation now proceeds to the House of Representatives.

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