07-01-16 FSA-CO-Weld County News for July…

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Weld County FSA CED Jeff Wilson

Weld County FSA CED Jeff Wilson

GREELEY, CO July 1, 2016 – Jeff Wilson, County Executive Director, of the Weld County Farm Service Agency issues a reminder to farmers and ranchers concerning approaching deadlines.

Acreage Reports due by July 15

JULY 15, 2016 is the final date to timely file your spring seeded acreage reports with the FSA office.  Producers must file an acreage report for all crop acreage on all farms in order to become eligible for any benefits offered by the Farm Service Agency (FSA).

FSA accepts acreage reports for all annually planted crops and perennial forage and grazing crops. Remember that acreage reports are needed for all native and improved pasture to become eligible for benefits offered through the Livestock Forage Program (LFP)  benefits only become eligible if the county becomes drought affected as recorded on the US Drought Monitor.

Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) participants must also annually report their acreage to FSA by the July 15 reporting deadline.

LATE FILED REPORTING PROVISIONS do apply to crops reported beyond the final reporting date.  There is a fee of $46 per farm for reporting after the established deadline of July 15 for spring and summer plantings and November 15 for wheat and other fall seeded crops.  Producers who carry crop insurance with FCIC or participate in the Noninsured Assistance Program (NAP) must pay the fee at the time of reporting.  A field visit MUST be performed by FSA for each late filed acreage report, so timely file your crop acreage report.

Appointments are preferred for accepting acreage reports.  Call (970) 356-8097 extension 2 for an appointment.

“Enrollment” of Farms into ARC/PLC

Approximately 2/3 of the eligible farms have been enrolled into Agricultural Risk Coverage or Price Loss Coverage (ARC/PLC) contract for 2016.

The deadline to enroll is August 1.  Those who have already enrolled are also reminded to submit any remaining signatures by August 1st.  Appointments are preferred for ARC/PLC enrollment.  Please call the Weld County FSA Office at (970)356-8097 extension 2.

As always, please notify the FSA office of any changes in your farming operation, including change of ownership and/or operators, changes in banking institutions, and any address, phone, and email changes.

Loan Deficiency Payment (LDP)

The diminishing market prices for commodity crops could cause the Loan Deficiency Program (LDP) to become active after harvest.  If the daily posted county price falls below the established loan rate then farmers who report their acres become eligible for LDP payment as long as the retain Beneficial Interest in the crop meaning that they still own the crop.

The 2016 Loan Rate for Hard Red Winter Wheat is $3.08 and the Posted County Price for July 1 is $3.21.  The LDP will not trigger until the posted county price falls below $3.08.

More information about programs administered by the Farm Service Agency be sure to visit your local FSA office and  http://www.fsa.usda.gov.