Colorado Egg Producers Association offers new ways to incorporate eggs into lunches, dinners, snacks and more.

DENVER – June 2016 – While most of us know eggs primarily as a breakfast food, did you know that eggs can be easily incorporated into every meal or snack for the day? Eggs provide the high-quality protein and essential nutrients you need to gear up for fun summer activities and can provide the fuel to conquer that fourteener or run that 5K. Whether you’re packing an on-the-go picnic basket or preparing a healthy family dinner, the Colorado Egg Producers (CEP) Association encourages you to fuel your summer fun with eggs for lunch, dinner, snacks and more.

“Eggs are one of the most versatile foods to cook with. They can add a great source of protein and nutrients to almost any meal,” said Terry Tormohlen, a Colorado egg farmer and CEP member. “With the weather warming up and summer activities in full swing, eggs can be added to on-the-go lunches, afternoon snacks and family dinners to help Coloradans fuel their fun.”

Break out of the “lunch box” and add eggs to your new lunch routine. Eggs make a great topping for many salads and sandwiches. You can even add a fried egg to a burger or pizza for a new twist on an old favorite. Of course, we can’t forget the classic summer side dishes – potato salad, egg salad and deviled eggs. You can also add this diverse food to dinner recipes, including spaghetti carbonara, quiches and baked egg dishes. Pair your meal with veggies or whole-wheat pasta for a filling, healthy meal. The possibilities are endless!

If you would rather let someone else cook lunch so you can focus on the fun, we have the perfect event for you. Join us in the Denver Tech Center at 4700 S. Syracuse every other Monday all summer long for DTC Eats, an event featuring egg-cellent lunches prepared by Denver’s finest food trucks. Look for the CEP logo on food trucks serving specialty egg dishes made with Colorado eggs. For more information, visit ColoradoEggProducers.com.

Here’s one delicious lunch recipe from El Tepe Hulan, one of our food truck partners from DTC Eats:

El Tepe Hulan’s Egg Taco

Serving size: 1


1 egg

2 tbsp. green chili

2 oz. carnitas

1 oz. pico de gallo

1 hard shell taco

1 tbsp. shredded cheddar cheese

1 flour tortilla

1 oz. queso


1.     Heat medium nonstick skillet. Scramble the egg, green chili, carnitas and pico de gallo together and sauté until a soft patty forms.

2.     Remove soft patty from skillet and place in a hard taco shell.

3.     Sprinkle the taco with shredded cheddar cheese.

4.     Slightly warm the flour tortilla. Spread the queso onto one side of the tortilla and wrap the cheesy tortilla around the crunchy taco shell.

5.     Enjoy!

You can find more recipes to fuel your fun this summer by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. To learn more about CEP please visitwww.coloradoeggproducers.com.

About Colorado Egg Producers Association

The Colorado Egg Producers (CEP) Association is a membership organization representing six farms throughout Colorado. CEP is committed to doing what’s right for its community, as illustrated by their regular donation of thousands of eggs to food banks throughout the state and its partnership with the Good Egg Project, an initiative from America’s egg farmers that aims to educate people about where eggs come from and to encourage Americans to help conquer hunger in the U.S. Egg farmers throughout Colorado pride themselves on providing a high quality, protein-dense food like eggs to citizens in this great state. We are also proud to offer consumers the choice between cage, cage-free eggs, organic, nutrient enhanced, brown and white eggs. You can find locally produced, fresh, wholesome and safe eggs in the dairy case of your favorite Colorado supermarkets. The six CEP farms are Colorado Egg, LLC; Country Side Pullets; Morning Fresh Farms; NestFresh; Opal Foods and Sparboe Farms. For more facts and information about eggs and CEP, including a list of where to buy Colorado eggs, please visitwww.coloradoeggproducers.com.