06-13-16 Letter to the Editor: Lamar’s Lisa Steed supports Kimmi Lewis for District 64…

Kimmi LewisLetter to the Editor:

I have to tell you that here in Prowers County I first met Kimmi Lewis as a person championing for my private property rights along with the rights of my neighbors (people she had never met, but cared about deeply none the less, because they were her neighbors). She has been fighting for people and representing them for a long many years before she even sought to represent them with the official title as a state representative.

That tells me where her heart truly is, in the people.  Here in this southeastern corner we’ve had a champion, Kimmi Lewis, watching out for us against hidden federal encroachments that we would never have been aware of had she not brought them to light and rallied the people who would be affected to stand up for themselves and for their neighbor.  Pinion Canyon Expansion is an excellent example.  I had never heard the name Tim Dore until this primary campaign, he never stood in a meeting room alongside us while we faced federal encroachments, never saw his face in the crowd, never heard his voice until he wanted a vote. Kimmi did all of this championing for us while fighting significant health issues, taking care of family and ranching, driving on her own dime from meeting to meeting all over southeastern Colorado. I never heard a complaint out of her about being bone weary or tired or that the road was too long or too rough.  I would recognize Kimmi Lewis anywhere, she is the voice I heard in the meeting rooms bringing facts to light, because she literally stood shoulder to shoulder with her neighbors from all over Southeastern Colorado. That is my personal experience with each of these candidates running for State Representative in District 64.

Lisa Steed

Lamar, Colorado

Road 28

Hasty, Colorado