06-07-16 Letter to the Editor: Hasty’s Marvin Hasser supports Kimmi Lewis for District 64…

Kimmi LewisLetter to the Editor:

I’m an old rancher and cowpuncher from Bent County Colorado.  Kimmi Lewis grew up on a ranch a few miles west of our ranch.  Folks, I didn’t go to college, don’t’ know much about politics, but I do know a honest, sincere, hard working, genuine person when I see one, and Kimmi is exactly that kind of person.

She had a fifty eight or a 78 mile trip, depending on if she left from the ranch or Ninaview to attend high school in Kim, Colorado.  Kimmi Clark married Dave Lewis and they had six children. Dave passed away in 2000 leaving Kimmi a widow on a big ranch with the youngest of her six, being her twelve year old twins.  The easy way out, and what many would do in her situation, would be to sell the ranch and move to town with her children.  Not so for Kimmi.  She had a fierce desire to keep the ranch come hell or high water so she could finish raising her children there.  She knew at times things would be very discouraging and there would be many hardships.  Money would be very tight with the inevitable cheap cattle prices, droughts, blizzards, etc., that all ranchers face.  This woman knew all of these things and that many trying times lay ahead if she was to stay on the ranch.  I’m sure at times she felt overwhelmed and lonely with no one to turn to.  To show the kind of business woman she is, she was able to keep and even expand the ranch.  To show she has her head on straight, in family matters: all six of her children are very successful, hard working young adults that any parents would be proud to claim.

Folks the fight that led to Kimmi’s success story with her ranch is still with her. As our representative for District 64, any issues that come up threatening our freedoms, property rights way of life, etc., she will hang on like a bulldog and fight for the right outcome for the common man and woman.  She is a small town, real died in the wool American patriot, a woman who has already been fighting our battles for years, knowing her way around the capital and legislature very well.  If she is elected you won’t see a vacant chair in the state legislature where our representative is supposed to sit unless it is a very, very real emergency.

I’ll quit gabbing now, but to prove I’m not blowing smoke about this woman, following are just some of the places she has already been in past years fighting for yours and my property rights, and other things all on her own money I might add:  Twice to Washington D.C. for Eastern Colorado against the Pinion Canyon Maneuver Site.  Speeches, 3 times at “American Stewards of Liberty”, Reno Nevada, Salt Lake, Utah and Denver. Speeches, 2 times at the Wyoming State Fair, Billings Montana, 3 times.  Several speeches for the Good Neighbor Law Organization in Colorado, and southern Wyoming.  She gave speeches twice in Kansas for the Kansas Natural Resources Coalition. Kimmi laughed and said she got paid for her Kansas jaunts.  The above are just some of the things this woman has already been fighting for us about—sometimes coming home bone weary only to face things that have to be done and the never ending chores on a ranch.

Friends lets show our thanks, support and appreciation to this woman by making her our next rep. for district 64.


Marvin Hasser

Handsprings Ranch

Road 28

Hasty, Colorado