06-03-16 NAWG Registers Comments for New Dicamba Products…

NAWG - wheat_logoNAWG Registers Comments for New Dicamba Products

NAWG has had the opportunity recently to comment on the registration of dicamba products on dicamba-tolerant crops to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In commenting on the registration of the much-needed dicamba products, NAWG reiterates its support for weed control products which address the recent emergence of glyphosate-resistant weeds, creating a need for new weed control methods. New dicamba-based herbicides will be critical to help solve the spreading problem of resistant weeds. Dicamba has many benefits, including a brief soil residual, allowing for effective crop rotation, and its compatibility with necessary practices such as tank mixing. NAWG believes that wheat growers need access to new technologies to manage difficult weeds, reduce weed seed density, and increase yield potential, and has urged the EPA to approve the registration of new dicamba products for use on dicamba-tolerant crops.

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