From left: Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer, Commissioner Sean Conway, Commissioner Julie Cozad, Sheri Carlson, Ted Carlson, Commissioner Mike Freeman and Commissioner Steve Moreno.

From left: Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer, Commissioner Sean Conway, Commissioner Julie Cozad, Sheri Carlson, Ted Carlson, Commissioner Mike Freeman and Commissioner Steve Moreno.


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WELD COUNTY, CO – During presentations for Wednesday’s Board Meeting, the Board read into the record a Proclamation of Remembrance for former Home Rule Charter Commission Member and County Commissioner John Charles “Chuck” Carlson, and they presented the Proclamation to Ted and Sheri Carlson. Mr. Chuck Carlson passed away on May 18 of this year.

“The legacy Chuck left for this county will live forever through his contributions,” said Commissioner Chair Mike Freeman. “The work Chuck, and the others, did on the Home Rule Charter – the time they committed and the struggles they went through to get it right – will forever be appreciated.”

Carlson’s passion for the county was evident in his life-long work in public service. He was one of the 21 original Home Rule Charter Committee members elected to draft the Home Rule Charter for Weld County – a document that has guided county government for the past 40 years. He later served as a member of the Weld County Planning Commission before being elected as County Commissioner from 1981-1984.

Speaking to Carlson’s family members, Commissioner Pro Tem Sean Conway said, “I think you can take solace in terms of the incredible contribution Chuck made to Weld County. The greatest compliment you can give a public servant is that after their service you can say they left a place better than when they found it. Weld County is better because of Chuck Carlson.”

“He was one of those larger than life people,” said Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer. “I had the opportunity to hear him come before the Board in the 90s and hear his comments. It was phenomenal what he spoke about and what he knew. He was passionate about this county, and I’m glad I got to know him.”

Commissioner Cozad agreed saying, “There are people who come into our lives and really put a mark on it. I met Chuck while I was at the Planning Department – he was a very strong proponent of private property rights. It was a pleasure to get to know him, and I appreciate everything he taught me.”

“Words alone cannot really fully recognize Chuck Carlson’s outstanding service to Weld County,” said Commissioner Steve Moreno. “A great man has been lost. Weld County is better because of his work in drafting the Home Rule Charter that put in place good county government.”

In 2015, Weld County Director of Finance Don Warden, sat down with Carlson to record some of his memories from his time with county government. Carlson’s concluding comments in the interview perhaps best encapsulated Carlson’s desire to build and maintain a strong county: “I think the world of this county,” Carlson said. “It has a soft place in my heart, and I’m not ashamed of that. I think the world of this place, and I’d do anything for it…I think we are one of the bright pennies in the United States.”

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