06-02-16 CMU Water Center News: Report: Colorado water law doesn’t really discourage efficiency, conservation…

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Report: Colorado water law doesn’t really discourage efficiency, conservation

Written by: Hannah Holm, Coordinator, Hutchins Water Center at Colorado Mesa University

The “use it or lose it” feature of Colorado water law is often blamed for discouraging farmers and ranchers from taking efficiency and conservation measures that could benefit the environment or ease the supply/ demand imbalance on the Colorado River.  However, a report released in February by the Colorado Water Institute argues that misinterpretations of the law are a bigger disincentive than the law itself.

The report was developed as a result of in-depth discussions by a panel of stakeholders and experts that included Colorado State Engineer Dick Wolfe, who directs the office that administers water rights.  Wolfe presented the report at a forum on the future of irrigated agriculture in Delta on May 3, and Colorado River District Counsel Peter Fleming presented the report at the Mesa County State of the River meeting in Grand Junction on May 13.

The report concludes that diverting more water from a stream than crops actually use does not expand a water right. In addition, the report explains that recent laws allow irrigators to cut their water consumption without diminishing their water rights if they are participating in certain water conservation, fallowing and leasing programs.

Maximizing diversions doesn’t maximize the value of a water right Continue reading

06-02-15 CCALT News: Cattlemen’s Land Trust to celebrate conservation at The Bluffs on June 25th…

CCALT Forever BBQ June 25 at the Bluffs 2016

Cattlemen’s Land Trust to celebrate conservation at The Bluffs on June 25th

CCALT logo new 042815DENVER< CO – June 2, 2016 – The Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust (CCALT) will hold its 11th annual Forever Colorado BBQ at The Bluffs in Byers, Colorado on Saturday, June 25th.  The Forever Colorado BBQ celebrates Colorado’s family farming and ranching heritage and working lands conservation, and raises awareness for the mission and work of CCALT. The BBQ is hosted by landowners in different regions of Colorado every year.  Proceeds from the BBQ are used by CCALT to conserve working ranches throughout the state and to preserve Colorado’s unique western heritage.

“As a family, we work day in and day out to ensure that the lands we have inherited, can continue on for future generations,” said Russell MacLennan. “The MacLennan family is happy to be hosting the Forever Colorado BBQ this year.” Continue reading

06-02-16 CSU News: ‘Lambulance’ chasers: CSU veterinary team aids rangeland newborns, ewes…

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Dr. David Van Metre, Colorado State University professor of livestock medicine and surgery, holds a lamb being examined by senior veterinary student Dalton Hindmarsh. Richard Haro Photography

Dr. David Van Metre, Colorado State University professor of livestock medicine and surgery, holds a lamb being examined by senior veterinary student Dalton Hindmarsh. Richard Haro Photography

‘Lambulance’ chasers: CSU veterinary team aids rangeland newborns, ewes

Story by Coleman Cornelius

Six doctors and a nurse strode under the “Hospital” sign into the maternity ward, then to the neonatal intensive care unit, where a dozen babies were bawling for attention. Make that bleating.

The newborns had a variety of life-threatening problems: diarrhea, hypothermia, inadequate oxygen at birth, infectious disease, limb abnormalities, low blood sugar and pneumonia, among them. Two were tiny, frail and curled under warming lights.

As the medical team began treating patients – examining, diagnosing, and administering drugs and fluids – a customized pickup pulled into the hospital bay. The “lambulance” had arrived. A Peruvian sheepherder jumped out to deliver another group of ewes and newborn lambs to the sprawling red barn, where the animals were quickly sorted into pens with clean straw bedding for observation and veterinary care. Continue reading

06-02-16 Colorado Weekly Hay Report…

photo courtesy of Cody Smith of Merino, CO

photo courtesy of Cody Smith of Merino, CO

06-02-16 NFU Recognizes Family Farms in Celebration of National Dairy Month…

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NFU Recognizes Family Farms in Celebration of National Dairy Month

June is National Dairy MonthWASHINGTON (June 2, 2016) – For more than 75 years, milk and dairy products have been promoted every June in celebration of National Dairy Month. As consumers indulge in their favorite dairy products this month, National Farmers Union (NFU) is taking a step back to the farm gate to recognize the hardworking family farmers who are involved in dairy production across the U.S.

“National Dairy Month provides a great platform to educate consumers about U.S. dairy production and promote industry initiatives – such as the REAL® Seal – to dispel misinformation about dairy foods,” said Roger Johnson, president of NFU, an organization representing nearly 200,000 family farmers and ranchers nationwide, including members in nine of the top 10 milk producing states. Continue reading

06-02-16 Potatoes USA: International Chefs Inspired with Potato Creativity…


International Chefs Inspired with Potato Creativity

DENVER (June 2, 2016)—Potatoes USA brought 21 chefs from Mexico, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines on a reverse trade mission (RTM) to the U.S. to learn about U.S. potatoes and products and new and creative ways to put them on Menus.  The RTM began with potato training in Idaho and then switched to a two-day training session at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute in Portland, OR. The final portion was the National Restaurant Association annual conference and trade show in Chicago. Continue reading

06-02-16 Hunger Free Colorado: New law will improve administration of food stamps, help Colorado families access needed nutrition…

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New law will improve administration of food stamps, help Colorado families access needed nutrition
June 2, 2016 – Coloradans facing hunger may now have fewer barriers to accessing nutritious food thanks to a bill passed unanimously by the state legislature. Gov. John Hickenlooper joined state and county leaders at Arapahoe County Human Services yesterday to signSenate Bill 16-190 into law. The bipartisan legislation, sponsored by the Joint Budget Committee, seeks to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of food stamps and other programs in Colorado.
“These are people in need, and they qualify for assistance, but our current systems don’t always do a good job of getting them the help they need,” said Sen. Pat Steadman, the lead bill sponsor in the Senate. “The Joint Budget Committee wanted increased accountability for counties in exchange for a fair examination of the resources and processes required to meet performance standards. SB-190 will improve the well-being of vulnerable populations in our community and the efficiency of public assistance programs.” Continue reading


From left: Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer, Commissioner Sean Conway, Commissioner Julie Cozad, Sheri Carlson, Ted Carlson, Commissioner Mike Freeman and Commissioner Steve Moreno.

From left: Commissioner Barbara Kirkmeyer, Commissioner Sean Conway, Commissioner Julie Cozad, Sheri Carlson, Ted Carlson, Commissioner Mike Freeman and Commissioner Steve Moreno.


Weld County 150th LOGO

WELD COUNTY, CO – During presentations for Wednesday’s Board Meeting, the Board read into the record a Proclamation of Remembrance for former Home Rule Charter Commission Member and County Commissioner John Charles “Chuck” Carlson, and they presented the Proclamation to Ted and Sheri Carlson. Mr. Chuck Carlson passed away on May 18 of this year.

“The legacy Chuck left for this county will live forever through his contributions,” said Commissioner Chair Mike Freeman. “The work Chuck, and the others, did on the Home Rule Charter – the time they committed and the struggles they went through to get it right – will forever be appreciated.” Continue reading

06-02-16 NCGA Statement on EPA Ecological Risk Assessment on Atrazine…

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NCGA Statement on EPA Ecological Risk Assessment on Atrazine

Today the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its ecological risk assessment on the pesticide atrazine. The following is a statement from Maryland farmer Chip Bowling, president of the National Corn Growers Association.
“No one cares more about the safety of agricultural pesticides than farmers. Farmers make use of pesticides on their farms to ensure an abundant, affordable food supply of foods for consumers all over the world. We care about keeping land, rivers, and ponds safe for our families, our neighbors, and our communities.
“Atrazine is a safe and effective crop management tool for farmers. It is widely used because it is among the most reliable herbicides available, and it plays a critical role in combating the spread of resistant weeds. It reduces soil erosion, increases crop yields, and improves wildlife habits. Over the last 50 years, atrazine has passed some of the most rigorous safety testing in the world. More than 7,000 scientific studies have found atrazine to be safe. Continue reading

06-02-16 USDA Celebrates National Homeownership Month…

USDA Press Release

USDA Celebrates National Homeownership Month

Activities and Events across the Nation to Spotlight Efforts to Help Rural Residents Realize the Dream of Homeownership

WASHINGTON, June 2, 2016 – Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today kicked off National Homeownership Month by highlighting USDA’s ongoing role to help people buy homes in rural areas.

“Owning a home helps promote stable communities and is one of the best ways American families can build wealth,” Vilsack said. “During the Obama Administration, USDA has helped more than one million rural families and individuals realize their dreams of homeownership. This year, our celebration of National Homeownership Month will recognize partnerships with some of the many organizations that have worked with us to make this achievement possible.” Continue reading

06-02-16 NCC News: $20,000 ag safety grants offered by National Children’s Center…

$20,000 ag safety grants offered by National Children’s Center

National Children’s Center logo

Proposals are now being accepted for mini-grants up to $20,000 to support small-scale projects and pilot studies that address prevention of childhood agricultural disease and injury. The National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety plans to award three grants. Application deadline is August 17, 2016.

Since 2002, 52 projects have been funded though the National Children’s Center. This year’s funding priorities will be given to projects that: Continue reading

06-02-16 USDA: Vilsack Announces New Promise Zone Designation for Puerto Rico, Other Steps to Lift Puerto Rican Economy…

USDA Press Release

Vilsack Announces New Promise Zone Designation for Puerto Rico, Other Steps to Lift Puerto Rican Economy

RIO PIEDRAS, P.R., June 2, 2016 — Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced several measures to strengthen rural opportunity in Puerto Rico, including that the Eastern Region of Puerto Rico has been selected as a federal Promise Zone. Vilsack made the announcement at the conclusion of a three-day trip to Puerto Rico, where he met with elected officials and agricultural and economic leaders to discuss USDA’s efforts to support rural communities. Today’s measures are in addition to the more than $20 billion USDA has already invested in Puerto Rico since 2009.

“Rural areas like Eastern Puerto Rico face unique challenges, and we are committed to matching those challenges with creative solutions to help strengthen communities,” said Vilsack. “The Promise Zones initiative has produced proven results by encouraging collaboration between the federal government, community organizations, the private sector and state and local governments. Through these partnerships, we are supporting jobs and economic opportunities that enable rural areas to thrive.” Continue reading

06-02-16 USDA Awards More Than $14.5 Million to Support Plant Health and Resilience Research…

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USDA Awards More Than $14.5 Million to Support Plant Health and Resilience Research

WASHINGTON, June 2, 2016 – The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) today awarded more than $14.5 million in grants to support research into plant health, production and resilience. These grants were made through the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) Foundational program, authorized by the 2014 Farm Bill and administered by USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA).

“As global temperatures rise, we are already seeing that our crops and native plants are increasingly threatened by pests, diseases and invasive species,” said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. “Research into growing more resilient, stress tolerant crops that use water and nutrients more efficiently will offer farmers new tools to produce crops sustainably, and will benefit consumers with food security in the face of climate change and the loss of agricultural land.” Continue reading

06-02-16 Inside the CO FFA w/State Advisor Kenton Ochsner: 88th CO FFA Convention at NJC in Sterling, June 7-8-9…

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Kenton Ochsner 2

CO FFA Advisor Kenton Ochsner

(BARN Media – Briggsdale, CO) June 2, 2016 – Joining the Colorado Ag News Network inside the BARN is Kenton Ochsner, Assistant Program Director of Agricultural Education with Colorado’s Community College System and State FFA Advisor discussing the 88th CO FFA State Convention coming up June 7-8-9 at Northeastern Junior College in Sterling…


Learn more about the Colorado FFA Association – CLICK HERE

Learn more about the 2016 Colorado FFA Convention – CLICK HERE

Learn more about the Colorado FFA Foundation – CLICK HERE

Back row, left to right: Rayna Hodgson, Vice President; Tia Rozell, Executive Committee; Emma Mortensen, President; Bryce Funk, Secretary; Tierney Wilson, Executive Committee. Front row, left to right: Whitney Mount, Executive Committee; Nick Vollmer, Sentinel; Rachael Latta, Treasurer; Kaila Thieman, Executive Committee, Megan Thormodsgard, Reporter.

Back row, left to right: Rayna Hodgson, Vice President; Tia Rozell, Executive Committee; Emma Mortensen, President; Bryce Funk, Secretary; Tierney Wilson, Executive Committee.
Front row, left to right: Whitney Mount, Executive Committee; Nick Vollmer, Sentinel; Rachael Latta, Treasurer; Kaila Thieman, Executive Committee, Megan Thormodsgard, Reporter.


06-02-16 NBA News: Bison Association Offers Free Bison Training…

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Bison Association Offers Free Bison Training

Training Targets Ag Leaders, Educators, Extension

Westminster, CO (June 2, 2016) – Have you heard the recent news about the bison becoming the first-ever National Mammal of the United States? Or maybe you’ve heard about the recent “kidnapping” of a bison calf in Yellowstone National Park?

Bison is in the news nearly every day, but most people are not aware that bison meat is also the fastest growing sector of the US meat industry. While still a fragment of the US protein sector, the emerging bison industry has developed a dedicated marketplace for this fine product over the past ten years and is now in need of more farmers and ranchers raising these incredibly hardy and resourceful animals to keep pace with growing demand.

Wholesale bison meat prices are approaching $4.50/lb. (hot hanging weight), according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service, about twice what a fed steer will currently bring.

The strong, stable prices are prompting more ranchers to explore the bison advantage. And to contact Extension offices, agricultural lenders, and other professionals to inquire about production and marketing opportunities.

Now, the National Bison Association (NBA) is scheduling six Bison Advantage Workshops, specifically targeting Agricultural Extension Agents, Vo Ag Teachers, and prospective bison producers. The workshops will kick off on June 11, and continue throughout the summer and fall. All workshops are being offered free of charge.
The scheduled workshops are: Continue reading

READ the NAFB’s National Ag News for Thursday, June 2nd…

CLICK HERE to listen to TODAY's BARN Morning Ag News with Brian Allmer...

CLICK HERE to listen to TODAY’s BARN Morning Ag News with Brian Allmer…

READ the NAFB’s National Ag News for Thursday, May 25th…

Sponsored by the American Farm Bureau Federation

FDA Announces Voluntary Sodium Guidance

The Food and Drug Administration Wednesday released the agency’s long-awaited voluntary guidance on salt intake for Americans. The draft guidance focuses on reducing the salt used in processed and restaurant foods by one-third over ten years. The FDA says the reduction is recommended because Americans get 70 percent of their sodium from those foods, according to the Hagstrom Report. The FDA says current average adult intake of sodium is approximately 3,400 milligrams per day, and the FDA’s goal is to reduce consumption to 2,300 milligrams per day. The FDA says the reduction would result in tens of thousands fewer cases of heart disease and stroke each year, as well as billions of dollars in health care savings over time. The FDA says the targets are voluntary because sodium is important to taste, texture and microbial safety.


Hemp Industry Petitions to Legalize Crop

The Hemp Industries Association, along with the Kentucky Hemp Industry Council filed a petition Wednesday to legalize industrial hemp. The petition was filed with the Drug Enforcement Administration to remove industrial hemp plants from its list of controlled substances, which would green-light cultivation in the United States. The groups claim legalizing the crop at the federal level would open economic opportunities in rural America, but the Controlled Substances Act classifies all forms of cannabis as a schedule one substance, even though industrialized hemp lacks the potential for drug abuse, according to Politico. The 2014 Farm Bill defined hemp as distinctly different from marijuana and also permitted farming pilot projects in states that have legalized cultivation. Kentucky Republican Representative Thomas Massie and Oregon Democratic Senator Ron Wyden have introduced bills that would legalize industrial hemp. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky has also been a leading advocate of the legislation.


U.S. Bison Sales Increasing

The National Bison Association last week announced U.S. bison sales have topped $340 million at the retail and foodservice level. However, the association says continued growth is primarily constrained by the limited supply of market-ready animals. The association’s analysis was based on the results of the latest survey of commercial bison marketers. According to the association’s research, sales of bison meat in retail stores and restaurants have grown by 22.3 percent over the past two years. Further, the association’s latest survey of commercial marketers found that 94 percent of those businesses could easily expand sales if additional product was available.


General Mills Recalls 10 Million Pounds of Flour

General Mills issued a recall of 10 million pounds of flour this week because of a possible link to an outbreak of E. coli. USA Today reports the outbreak has sickened 38 people in 20 states since December. The recall covers select bags of Gold Medal bleached and unbleached flour, bleached and unbleached Signature Kitchen flour, Gold Medal self-rising flour and Gold Medal Wondra quick-mixing flour. The Gold Medal brand is the most widely used flour in the United States, according to General Mills. The Centers for Disease Control found about half of the people sickened in the outbreak reported making something homemade with flour before becoming ill. General Mills noted no E. coli has been found in any of its flour products. The flour was milled at the company’s Kansas City, Missouri facility. General Mills noted flour is made by milling wheat, which is grown outdoors and carries the risk of bacteria and that the bacteria are killed by baking, frying or boiling.


China Pork Prices Continue Rising

Chinese pork prices climbed to new records this week, according to government data, signaling its auctions of frozen pork reserves and other measures to boost production are doing little to cool the market. Pro Farmer’s First Thing Today reports farmers are holding back pigs from slaughter as they work to rebuild herds after the industry was engaged in widespread culling two years ago. Additionally, stringent new environmental rules have forced many small-scale producers out of the market. As a result, Rabobank expects China to import a record 1.5 million metric tons of pork in 2016, possibly helping China to surpass Japan as the world’s top importer. The increase could be a boon for major pork exporters like the U.S. and Germany.


National Pork Board Names New CEO

The National Pork Board announced Wednesday William J Even will serve as the organization’s CEO starting next week. Currently based in South Dakota, Even is Global Industry Relations Lead with DuPont Pioneer and previously served as South Dakota’s Secretary of Agriculture. National Pork Board President Derek Sleezer says he feels confident in Even’s experience to “build and lead teams to meet the growing demand for protein in the U.S. and abroad.” Even and his family own and operate a fifth-generation diversified crop and livestock operation near Humbolt, South Dakota. Even will begin on June 6th, and his first week as CEO will include attending the National Pork Board’s June Board of Directors meeting and World Pork Expo.

SOURCE: NAFB News Service