06-01-16 Kelley Bean Company and North Platte Natural Resources District Join Growing List of Nebraska Agriculture Supporters…

American Doorstep Project logo1Kelley Bean Company and North Platte Natural Resources District
Join Growing List of Nebraska Agriculture Supporters

SCOTTSBLUFF, NE – June 1, 2016 Jody L. Lamp of Lamp Public Relations & Marketingand Melody Dobson, co-founders and authors  of the American Doorstop Project, announceKelley Bean Company as Chautauqua Heritage and the North Platte Natural Resources District (North Platte NRD) asAgrarian Ambassador Sponsor Partners, respectively.

Both based in the Nebraska Panhandle, Kelley Bean Company and North Platte NRD leaders recognize their past and present contributions that continue to impact and sustain agriculture world-wide from this well-managed, productive region of our nation.

The Kelley Bean Company family and its employees have had the support of several generations of dry edible bean growers to be one of the largest originators and marketers in the United States. “None of this would have been possible without the dedication and hard work of the world’s best group of employees and growers,” says Kevin Kelley, Kelley Bean Company president.

The western Nebraska’s dry edible bean production and water management stories will be included and featured in the American Doorstop Project NEBRASKA agriculture history book, with a working title, “A History of Nebraska Agriculture: 150 Years of Working the Land.” Published by The History Press with an expected printing of March 2017, the book will coincide with the community celebrations and festivities planned for the Nebraska 150th Sesquicentennial.

Kelley Bean Company and the North Platte NRD join recent other American Doorstop Project partner sponsors, including the Hall County Historical Society, Lockwood Foundation, and 21st Century Equipment.

“We are mindful of our history and the responsibility we have to our employees and customers in safely and affordably feeding the world right here from Nebraska,” says Kelley. “We trust and respect the efforts of the American Doorstop Project founders and authors as they research and pay tribute to our state’s agricultural heritage.”

Kelley Bean traces its roots back to the founding of the Chester B. Brown company in 1927 where Robert L. Kelley Sr. was plant manager of the Morrill, Nebraska facility. In the early 1940’s, Robert Kelley was promoted to president, a position he held until 1969. Later that same year, Robert L. Kelley Sr. left Chester B. Brown and formed Kelley Bean Company. His son’s Gary, and later Bob, joined him to help run the family’s new business. In 1982, under Gary Kelley’s leadership, the Kelley Bean and Chester B. Brown companies merged to form a reunitedKelley Bean Co., Inc.

In 2006, under Bob Kelley’s leadership, Kelley Bean acquired ConAgra’s remaining dry bean operations. Eleven other acquisitions over the years have formed one of the largest originators and processors of dry beans in the United States. Today, the company is led by third generation, Kevin Kelley.

Nebraska ranks number one in the United States for Great Northern bean production and the second largest producer for pinto beans and light red kidney beans. The state’s Panhandle climate, water resources, and soils make it a desirable location for growing this rotational crop.

Other major agricultural products in western Nebraska include cattle, corn, sugar beets, alfalfa and wheat. Most crops require irrigation because annual average precipitation is 14 to 17 inches. Nebraska has more irrigated acres of land than any other state in the nation and is the only state that manages its water through Natural Resource Districts, known as NRDs. The other states are managed through Conservation Districts. Nebraska is divided into 23 natural resources districts (NRDs), multi-purpose, local units of government established to conserve, protect, develop and manage natural resources. The North Platte NRD includes Banner, Garden, Morrill, Scotts Bluff and southern Sioux counties with a land area of more than three million acres. The largest source of irrigation water is the North Platte River.

The American Doorstop Project provides a proven avenue for delivering a narrative and clear understanding of the significance of North Platte NRD. As the state prepares to commemorate its 150th anniversary, Nebraska’s water story cannot be left out nor should the role the North Platte NRD plays in managing this valuable resource which directly impacts the rest of the state.

“NRD’s demonstrate true responsible stewardship of our water and sustainable management by governing ourselves,” says John Berge, North Platte NRD general manager. “It’s unique and it’s responsible for our needs today and for future generations that will continue to live, recreate and be involved in the agriculture industry in this area and the great state of Nebraska.”

Lamp and Dobson announced earlier that after the NEBRASKA book is released, The History Press book series continues with the agriculture history of MONTANA and NORTH DAKOTAand publishing dates planned for 2018 and 2019, respectively. The American Doorstop Projectbooks bring a spotlight to local, regional and national Agriculture stories that shaped the development of America through the Agrarian Discipline to connect readers through the identification formula of the Space, Place, Invention, Commodity or Event, and the People that made America what it is today.

Through sponsorships and partnerships, the American Doorstop Project NEBRASKA, MONTANA and NORTH DAKOTA Agriculture History Books will be accompanied with video vignettes featured on the website at www.AmericanDoorstopProject.com. The Montana History Foundation is the fiscal sponsor for American Doorstop Project, allowing all philanthropists, individual donors, institutions, corporations and grantors, within and outside Montana, a tax-deductible benefit for their contributions towards the project.

In addition to video vignettes, funds received through the Montana History Foundation will help the team elaborate each story within the American Doorstop Project for agricultural advocacy and education with integrated social media, national and community engagement events, signage, and oral history narratives.

To learn more about the American Doorstop Project and to find out about how you can make a tax- deductible financial contribution to share your story, help honor the legacies of our past and shed light on our nation’s agricultural history, visit the www.AmericanDoorstopProject.comwebsite. To learn more about sponsorship packages, media interviews, speaking appearances,call Jody L. Lamp, at (406) 698-9675 or by email jody@AmericanDoorstopProject.com.

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Jody L. Lamp & Melody Dobson, American Doorstep Project Co-Coordinators

Jody L. Lamp & Melody Dobson, American Doorstep Project Co-Coordinators