05-31-16 WDA: Celebrate National Dairy Month this June!

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Welcome to this special June Dairy Month Edition of 21st Serving!

We’re kicking off the summer with the 80th Anniversary of Western Dairy Association, celebrating the rich history of dairy in Colorado, Montana and Wyoming, and honoring the dairy farm families that bring nutritious dairy products to our tables.

In 1936, the National Dairy Council funded the Denver Dairy Council with the goal of promoting and educating children about the consumption of milk. Around the same time, the American Dairy Association of Colorado was founded by farmers with the purpose of promoting dairy products.

Throughout the years, several state and national organizations worked to promote dairy products and advocate for funding, education and promotion on a national level. After years of separate advocacy and name changes, a large number of organizations with similar missions combined to collaborate in the promotion of milk and dairy products.

In 2007, under the leadership of Cynthia French and the board of directors, WDPA and WDC were merged into one organization, Western Dairy Association (WDA). It represented the unifying of the organization under a single brand and mission, communicating WDA’s core values. It also served the purpose of aligning regional dairy checkoff programs with the unified national plan. This merger signified “one company,” implementing “one unified program and one unified dairy farmer voice,” preparing the company for new challenges.

Now, WDA continues to advocate for dairy farmers across Colorado, Wyoming and Montana while promoting and educating consumers about milk products, and continues to share our values of sustainability, nutrition and agriculture to people of all ages.

This month, we are celebrating all of our dairy farm families, and recognizing the ones who have been with us from the beginning. We’re acknowledging the millions of hours it takes to make a dairy farm work. We know our farmers are up from dawn to dusk, taking the best care of their cows in order to deliver the highest quality product to our consumers. Here’s to those who took a great risk in starting a farm with every cent of their savings, to those who continue their farm family’s legacy, and those who continually advocate for agriculture in our country. WDA’s 80th Anniversary honors you and all of your dedication to bringing such high quality nutrition to America’s tables.

Thank you!

Learn more about the history of Western Dairy Association here.

Celebrate June Dairy Month with us!

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