05-26-16 Agriculture Secretary Vilsack to Make First Official Visit to Puerto Rico…

USDA Press ReleaseAgriculture Secretary Vilsack to Make First Official Visit to Puerto Rico

Will Highlight Ongoing and New USDA Efforts to Address Food Security and Rural Opportunity

WASHINGTON, May 26, 2016 – Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack will make his first official visit to Puerto Rico where he will highlight the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s ongoing commitment to addressing food security and rural opportunity in the Commonwealth. While in Puerto Rico, Secretary Vilsack will meet with various officials from the Commonwealth; visit a National Forest research station; engage local farmers and ranchers; convene a group of financial leaders focused on finding opportunities for rural investment; and make several important announcements to address food security and rural development. Continue reading

05-26-16 ‘GIPSA’ Rule Would Wipe Out TPP Benefits, Says NPPC…

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‘GIPSA’ Rule Would Wipe Out TPP Benefits, Says NPPC

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 26, 2016 – The significant benefits that would accrue to the U.S. pork industry from the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement would be wiped out if the Obama administration implements pending rules related to the buying and selling of livestock, the National Pork Producers told the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition & Forestry. Continue reading

05-26-16 CSU News: NPR water event packs the Lory Student Center Theater…

NPR water event packs CSU Lory Student Center TheaterNPR water event packs the Lory Student Center Theater

Water: it’s always in demand, and lately, it’s under threat. With drought the new normal, and disputes raging about the control and distribution of precious water resources, the future of water will depend on society’s ability to resolve these conflicts. Continue reading

05-26-16 USMEF Board Meeting Gets Underway in St. Louis, MO…

USMEF News Header

USMEF Board Meeting Gets Underway in St. Louis

Richard Fordyce, director of the Missouri Department of Agriculture, discusses the importance of exports to his state’s ag economy

Richard Fordyce, director of the Missouri Department of Agriculture, discusses the importance of exports to his state’s ag economy

The U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF) Board of Directors Meeting and Product Showcase kicked off Wednesday in St. Louis, Missouri. Attendees were welcomed to the event by Richard Fordyce, director of the Missouri Department of Agriculture. Fordyce discussed the important role exports have played in making agriculture Missouri’s largest industry, and outlined several initiatives designed to promote agricultural development in the state – including programs designed to attract and retain young farmers and ranchers.

“If agriculture is going to maintain that No. 1 ranking in Missouri, we’re going to have to grow that new crop of leaders,” Fordyce said. “We need to work with young people to continue to ignite the passion they have for agriculture, continue to cultivate that interest, and move them forward in their agricultural careers.” Continue reading

05-26-16 USCA Testimony Highlights Market Volatility, Opportunities for Success…


USCA Testimony Highlights Market Volatility, Opportunities for Success

WASHINGTON (May 26, 2016) The United States Cattlemen’s Association (USCA) testified today during the Senate hearing, “A Review of the U.S. Livestock and Poultry Sectors: Marketplace Opportunities and Challenges”. Joe Goggins (Billings, Montana), Vice President Vermilion Ranch Co., Public Auction Yards, Billings Livestock Commission Co., Western Livestock Auction and Northern Livestock Video Auction, testified on behalf of USCA. Continue reading

05-26-16 Colorado Weekly Hay Report…


05-26-16 NCBA President Testifies Before Senate Ag Committee…

NCBA News Rlease Header

NCBA President Testifies Before Senate Ag Committee

WASHINGTON (May 26, 2016) – Statement by National Cattlemen’s Beef Association President Tracy Brunner following his testimony before the Senate Agriculture Committee – A Review of the U.S. Livestock and Poultry Sectors; Marketplace Opportunities and Challenges: Continue reading

05-26-16 NFU Defends Family Farmers and Ranchers in a Statement to the Senate Ag Committee…

NFU logo 3NFU Defends Family Farmers and Ranchers in a Statement to the Senate Ag Committee

WASHINGTON (May 26, 2016) – The Senate Agriculture Committee today convened a hearing to discuss opportunities and challenges in the livestock and poultry sectors, and National Farmers Union (NFU) encouraged Senators on the panel to hear from cow-calf producers as they grapple with the challenges facing the industry. In an independent statement submitted to the hearing record, NFU defended much-needed market relief efforts given the low prices and consolidated livestock market facing family farmers and ranchers. Continue reading

READ the NAFB’s National Ag News for Thursday, May 25th…

CLICK HERE to listen to TODAY's BARN Morning Ag News with Brian Allmer...

CLICK HERE to listen to TODAY’s BARN Morning Ag News with Brian Allmer…

READ the NAFB’s National Ag News for Thursday, May 25th…

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NPPC Says GIPSA, TPP Could Affect Producers

The House Ag Committee’s livestock subcommittee is holding a series of hearings this week on the livestock economy. One thing of particular concern to pork producers is the proposed USDA rules that relate to buying and selling of livestock. USDA is re-proposing parts of the Grain Inspection, Packers, and Stockyards Administration Rule, which was proposed in 2010 to implement parts of the 2008 Farm Bill. National Hog Farmer says the regulations went well beyond what was proposed in the Farm Bill and would have a significant impact on the livestock industry. An Informa Economics study in 2010 found it would cost the pork industry more than 330 million dollars annually. In the past, Congress included riders in USDA funding bills to prevent finalizing the rule, but no such rider exists in the 2017 funding bill. In other testimony, NPPC reiterated its support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, telling the committee the benefits of TPP will exceed all past free trade agreements and represents a great opportunity for the pork industry.


Administration Reacts to GIPSA Testimony

A spokeswoman for Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack said the administration finds opposition to the GIPSA rule “unacceptable.” The administration said the rule is designed to ensure fair treatment to livestock and poultry producers. The Hagstrom Report says opposition to the rule was heard during testimony at a House Ag subcommittee hearing. North Carolina Republican Representative David Rouzer, said, “It remains unclear why Secretary Vilsack decided to move forward with these costly regulations.” However, the spokeswoman said the recent GIPSA riders in past USDA funding bills represents “a complete lack of concern for hardworking families. The focus should be on providing a fair marketplace and level playing field for farm families.”


Corn Exports Add $74 Billion to Economy

US corn and corn product exports generated $74.7 billion in economic output in 2014. According to a study by Informa Economics, sales of all US feed grain products added $82 billion to the economy. The analysis says corn and corn product exports added 29.8 billion dollars to the GDP over what would have happened without those exports. The number of full-time jobs linked to those exports, either directly or indirectly, numbered over 330,000. The study also found that for every $1 of grain exports, it adds $3.23 in business sales across the US. The same study also found that if these exports were halted, over 47,000 jobs would be lost and $2.8 billion in GDP would be lost in the farming, ethanol production, and meat production industries alone. NCGA President Chip Bowling said the report underscores the need to approve the TPP, which would give farmers more access to the Asia/Pacific region.


House Committee Marks Up FY2017 Spending Bill

NCBA President Tracy Brunner said the spending bill marked up by the House Interior Appropriations Subcommittee has a number of good things for cattle producers. Specifically, this bill would defund the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Waters of the US” final rule. By defunding it, Congress will prevent members and taxpayers from expending more resources on future court battles. The bill also clarifies agricultural exemptions in the Section 404 process and continues defunding of new regulations under the Clean Air Act and Greenhouse Gas reporting for manure management systems. The Public Lands Council was pleased the bill would block the President’s administrative fee which would be on top of a grazing fee already raised by 25 percent earlier this year.


Germany Won’t Back Renewal of EU Glyphosate use

Germany’s Environmental Minister Barbara Hendricks said she and the other environmental ministers in the country’s Social Democratic Party will not back the European Union’s renewal of glyphosate. Politico said the SDP party is one of two parties in Germany’s ruling coalition. It’s more likely now that the European Commission will have to let the June 30th deadline for finalizing an opinion on the safety of the weed killer expire. 


100th Indy 500 Features Big Toast to Winner

Indiana and racing fans all over the world are gearing up for the 100th Indy 500 this weekend. Hoosier dairy farmers have a longstanding connection to the race, and they’re planning something big for this Sunday; 100,000 race fans will be part of the salute to the winner. The Indy Motor Speedway and Prairie Dairy Farms will have 100,000 pints of two percent milk they’ll distribute to fans as they come in and throughout the day. Fans will grab free milk and stick it in a cooler as they toast the winner together after the race. The bottle of milk presentation to the winning driver, owner, and chief mechanic are traditions at Indy that have been around for decades, thanks to Indiana dairy farmers. 

SOURCE: NAFB News Service