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U.S. Will Challenge China over Chicken Duties

U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman says the U.S. will request the World Trade Organization take action against China for failing to eliminate its anti-dumping duties on U.S. chicken exports. The National Chicken Council and the U.S. Poultry and Egg Export Council applauded the announcement Tuesday in a joint statement. In 2013, a WTO dispute settlement panel found that China’s anti-dumping and countervailing duties violated its WTO obligations. Despite that decision, China has still refused to remove these duties. The two poultry groups said jointly “we are heartened to see that USTR will not back down when it comes to enforcing our rights, and in making sure we truly get the market access we bargained for.”


Poll Finds Overwhelming Support for Crop Insurance

Poll results announced this week find nearly 90 percent of Americans have a favorable view of farmers and 92 percent support federal funding for farmers, such as crop insurance. The poll, commissioned by the National Crop Insurance Services, also finds the support extends across party lines, showing that a strong farm policy is a bipartisan issue. Jon McHenry of North Star Opinion Research, the firm that conducted the poll, says the “response is not surprising when you consider that eight in 10 voters believe a vibrant agricultural industry was critical to the country’s national security.” More than 70 percent of voters also said they believed farmers should help fund part of their own safety net. This cost-sharing structure is at the heart of America’s crop insurance policy, according to NCIS, with farmers paying a portion of their insurance premiums and shouldering, on average, 25 percent of crop losses through deductibles.


Australian Meteorologists Say El Niño Ending

Australia’s weather bureau says the El Niño weather event is coming to a close. Pro Farmer’s First Thing Today reports The Australian Bureau of Meteorology said recently that over the past two weeks, the Pacific Ocean has cooled to near neutral levels. The cooling, according the meteorologist, signals the end of the El Niño weather pattern is approaching. The Bureau reiterated that there is a 50 percent chance of a La Niña pattern emerging this year, which is associated with wet weather for much of Australia. La Niña also has to potential to bring hot and dry weather conditions to the Midwest United States.

“Don’t Be Fooled” by HSUS Ag Advisory Council

The Animal Agriculture Alliance warns the public not to be fooled by the recently created National Agriculture Advisory Council for the Humane Society of the United States. HSUS claims the council is comprised of family farmers and agriculturalists that practice and promote higher animal welfare standards. However, Animal Agriculture Alliance CEO Kay Johnson Smith says “while today HSUS may be acting like the ally of the producers on this council, the tides will no doubt turn as the organization moves on to target other production methods,” according to Meatingplace. Smith encouraged people to support “credible groups” like the American Humane Association or national commodity groups that have developed guidelines, relying on third-party experts—veterinarians and animal scientists—for producers to follow.

NCGA Yield Contest Online Entry Open

The National Corn Growers Association this week announced online entry for the organizations yield contest is now open. NCGA’s Production and Stewardship Action Team Chair Brent Hostetler says “while it may still seem a ways out, we all know how quickly the time passes once planting season starts.” Early entry allows NCGA members to save on entry costs for the contest. Fee’s increase to the full entry rate in July and the entry period closes July 29th. All harvest forms will be due by November 21st. Contest winners will be announced on December 16th. Winners receive national recognition and will be honored during Commodity Classic 2017 in San Antonio, Texas. Find more information online at NCGA dot com (

SOURCE: NAFB News Service