05-11-16 RMFU: Aubriel Jones will focus on membership activities and engagement on the Eastern Plains…

RMFU New logo 111315RMFU Assistant Director of Membership Aubriel JonesAubriel Jones is joining the staff of RMFU as the assistant director of membership. She will be working with county chapters on the Eastern Plains of Colorado, as well as chapters in New Mexico and Wyoming.

She is eager to collaborate with farmers and ranchers to help educate the public about local farming practices and the profound impact agriculture has on our planet. She is passionate about advocating for sustainable agriculture, the value of small family farms, getting the younger generation interested in the farming profession, and being involved in the local food movement. 

Aubriel will strive to develop strong relationships with communities and existing chapters throughout Eastern Colorado and help them become more proactive and engaged. Abriel will focus on recruiting new members to bring new perspectives to the table as well as developing opportunities for them through educational and social outreach events.

With a major in ag literacy and a dual minor in agricultural and resource economics and global and environmental sustainability, she will have the ability to talk with farmers of all backgrounds and help facilitate conversations that are centered around agriculture, food systems, education, and community outreach. Aubriel is extremely passionate about the agricultural industry and she believes that RMFU is committed and dedicated to the livelihood and well being of farmers, ranchers, consumers and communities.

Aubriel grew up on an organic farm in western Nebraska. She has been directly and indirectly involved in agriculture her entire life. She has worked with the Colorado State University Extension Office where she was involved in various research projects with small agribusinesses in Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska. As an Ag Ambassador for the College of Agricultural Sciences she has done extensive recruiting for CSU and represented agriculture at several Colorado events and other states as well.

CSU today published a feature story on Aubriel. To read it, use this link

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