11-04-15 CO Governor Hickenlooper files petition for legal rule on attorney general lawsuits…

CO Governor John Hickenlooper headerGovernor Hickenlooper files petition for legal rule on attorney general lawsuits

DENVER — Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2015 Gov. John Hickenlooper today filed a petition asking the Colorado Supreme Court to issue a legal rule that the governor, not the attorney general, has the ultimate authority to decide on behalf of the state when to sue the federal government in federal court.

“The attorney general has filed an unprecedented number of lawsuits without support of or collaboration with her clients,” said Jacki Cooper Melmed, chief legal counsel to the governor. “This raises serious questions about the use of state dollars and the attorney-client relationship between the governor, state agencies and the attorney general.”

The petition states “The Governor’s disagreement with the Attorney General’s filings is not based on the legal merits of the federal lawsuits; it is about the direction of Colorado [executive department] policy, which is he is empowered to direct under our constitution and laws.”

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