09-30-15 REGISTER for the Northeast Colorado Livestock Symposium at NJC in Sterling on Nov 10th…

Northeast Colorado Livestock Symposium 2015Join us to hear from CattleFax, the global leader in beef industry research, analysis, and information. Additionally, well-known consultant veterinarian Dr. Del Miles will discuss Antibiotic Resistance and the Veterinary Feed Directive. To round out the day nationally acclaimed animal handling specialist Curt Pate will present on animal handling techniques and safety around animals.

Attendance is FREE to all who register in advance!

CLA Safety Group: This meeting counts towards your two meeting requirement for 2015!

For more information about the Colorado Livestock Association – CLICK HERE

And for more information about CattleFax – CLICK HERE

09-30-15 NCGA News: New Leaders Program Deadline One Month Away…

NCGA News Release logo
The Oct. 30 deadline for applications to the NCGA DuPont New Leaders Program is fast approaching.
The program, designed for corn growers who are newly active or considering involvement in agriculture leadership helps them build their communications skills so they can better serve their peers.
Ideal participants will be farming couples or individuals from NCGA’s affiliated states, such as those considering a board position. Those interested must be at least 21 years of age, active in corn farming, NCGA members and not currently serving as an officer on their state affiliate board.
 “The program has encouraged me to be more involved to make a difference,” said Michael Howlett, a 2015 participant from New York. “It was well worth the time and energy, and I will be more involved from this point forward, due to the New Leaders Program.” Continue reading

09-30-15 Bishop Responds to Federal District Court of Wyoming Decision to Halt BLM Hydraulic Fracturing Rule…

House Committee on Natural Resources Chairman Bob Bishop logo

WASHINGTON, D.C. –Chairman Rob Bishop (R-UT) responded to the Federal District Court of Wyoming decision to uphold the preliminary injunction on the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) hydraulic fracturing rule, which stated that,“Congress has not authorized or delegated to the BLM authority to regulate hydraulic fracturing and, under our constitutional structure, it is only through Congressional action that the BLM can acquire this authority. Continue reading

09-30-15 CWC News: Judge Blocks BLM Hydraulic Fracturing Rule…


CWC-Congressional Western Caucus Logo

Washington, D.C. (September 30, 2015) Today a U.S. District Judge in the District Court of Wyoming upheld a preliminary injunction against the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) rule governing hydraulic fracturing on federal and tribal lands, finalized in March of this year.  The judge found that the rule exceeded the BLM’s statutory authority. Continue reading

09-30-15 CSU News: Feedlot owner and student mentor Steve Gabel named 2015 Livestock Leader…

CSU News Release Header logo

The Colorado State University Department of Animal Sciences recognizes Steve Gabel as the 2015 Livestock Leader, September 4, 2015.

The Colorado State University Department of Animal Sciences recognizes Steve Gabel as the 2015 Livestock Leader, September 4, 2015.

Steve Gabel has accomplished much in his professional career: he owns and operates Magnum Feedyard, which has 22,000 head of cattle; he worked for Cattle-Fax, the nation’s leading livestock marketing analysis firm; and he has coached the Weld County Livestock Judging Team for 25 years. Now Gabel can add Livestock Leader to his long list of accolades.

In a ceremony held before Colorado State University Ag Day, Gabel was recognized by College of Agricultural Sciences Dean Ajay Menon, Animal Sciences Department Head Kevin Pond and CSU President Tony Frank as the 2015 Livestock Leader.

An industry leader

Continue reading

09-30-15 Four Governors: Federal Overreach Causing Major Problems in the West…

House Committee on Natural Resources Chairman Bob Bishop logo

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the House Committee on Natural Resources held an oversight hearing with four Western governors on “Respecting State Authority in Regards to Resource Management and Energy Development.” Governors Matt Mead (R-WY), Steve Bullock (D-MT), Dennis Daugaard (R-SD), and Gary Herbert (R-UT) all expressed major concerns about a swath of federal policies that disenfranchise the states from managing land, water, and energy resources.


View all exchanges here.

Drought Continue reading

09-30-15 NCBA News: Chief Veterinarian Addresses Joint Public Meeting Regarding Antimicrobial Data Collection…

NCBA News Rlease HeaderWASHINGTON (September 30, 2015) – Today, Kathy Simmons, DVM, Chief Veterinarian, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, delivered comments before a joint public meeting of the Food and Drug Administration, United States Department of Agriculture, and Center for Disease Control addressing antimicrobial use and resistance data collection.  Continue reading

09-30-15 NCBA News: Senate Hearing Reviews Army Corps’ Role in WOTUS…

NCBA News Rlease HeaderWASHINGTON (September 30, 2015) – WASHINGTON (Sept. 30, 2015) – Today the Senate Environment and Public Works Subcommittee on Fisheries, Wildlife and Water held a hearing on the Army Corps of Engineers’ participation in the “waters of the United States” regulation. The subcommittee focused on internal memos released by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. While the memos show the Corps leadership having serious concerns with the science underlying the WOTUS rule, Jo Ellen Darcy, Assistant Secretary of the Army insisted, as co-author, the Corps supported the final rule.   Continue reading

09-30-15 USDA Commits $2.5 Million to Expand New Farmer Education…

USDA Press Release

USDA Deputy Agriculture Secretary Krysta Harden

USDA Deputy Agriculture Secretary Krysta Harden

USDA, Sept. 30, 2015 – Agriculture Deputy Secretary Krysta Harden announced on September 22, 2015 that $2.5 million in grants is now available for projects to educate new and underserved farmers about more than 20 U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Farm Service Agency programs that can provide financial, disaster or technical assistance to the agricultural community.

The grants will be awarded to nonprofits and public higher education institutions that develop proposals to improve farmer education on topics such as financial training, value-added production, recordkeeping, property inheritance, and crop production practices.

“We want to partner with nonprofits, colleges and universities who share USDA’s priority of helping more Americans enter farming as a profession, whether they are new or underserved farmers, returning Service members, minorities, women, and urban producers or those who sell their crops locally,” said Harden. Continue reading

09-30-15 NJC livestock judging program off to good start…

NJC LogoStudents take top slots at contests in three states

Written and submitted to BARN Media by Barbara Baker

The national contest run for collegiate livestock judging doesn’t begin until late October, but already, the team at Northeastern Junior College is flexing some muscle. Students won some of the top slots the past two weekends when they were in pre-season contests in Texas, Kansas and Nebraska. Continue reading


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All wheat production in Colorado, estimated at 79.64 million bushels, is down 11 percent from 2014, according to the Mountain Regional Field Office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service, USDA. All wheat yield was 37.1 bushels per acre, down 1.0 bushes per acre from a year ago.

Winter wheat producers seeded 2.40 million acres in the fall of 2014 for harvest in 2015, down from 2.75 million acres seeded for the previous year’s crop. Acreage harvested for grain decreased 210,000 acres from last year to 2.14 million acres in 2015. Winter wheat production is estimated at 79.18 million bushels, down 11 percent from last year. Winter wheat yield, at 37.0 bushels per acre, is down 1.0 bushel per acre from last year.

Spring wheat seedings, at 8,000 acres, are down 1,000 acres from last year. Acreage harvested totaled 7,000 acres, down from 8,000 acres harvested last year. Spring wheat production is estimated at 455,000 bushels, down 11 percent from last year. Spring wheat yield, at 65.0 bushels per acre, is up 1.0 bushel per acre from last year.

Oat seedings in Colorado totaled 45,000 acres, unchanged from last year. Producers harvested 10,000 acres for grain or seed, up 1,000 acres from 2014. Oat production totaled 800,000 bushels in 2015, up 48 percent from last year. Oat yield is 80.0 bushels per acre in 2015, up 20.0 bushels per acre from the previous year.

Colorado’s barley seeded area, at 65,000 acres, is up 8,000 acres from last year. Harvested area, at 63,000 acres, is up 9,000 acres from 2014. Barley yield, at 130.0 bushels per acre, is up 6.0 bushels per acre from last year. Barley production in 2015 is estimated at 8.19 million bushels, up 22 percent from the previous year.

Continue reading

09-30-15 *USDA/NASS News* Grain Stocks…

Grain Stocks

ISSN: 1949-0925

Released September 30, 2015, by the National Agricultural Statistics Service
(NASS), Agricultural Statistics Board, United States Department of
Agriculture (USDA).

Corn Stocks Up 41 Percent from September 2014
Soybean Stocks Up 108 Percent
All Wheat Stocks Up 10 Percent Continue reading

09-30-15 More than 60,000 Expected to Converge on Louisville, KY Oct. 28-31 for 2015 National FFA Convention & Expo…


National FFA Emblem - REfreshed March 2015

INDIANAPOLIS (Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2015/National FFA Organization) – The 2015 National FFA Convention & Expo will celebrate its last year of its three-year run in Louisville beginning Oct. 28. More than 60,000 FFA members and guests from throughout the United States are expected at this year’s event, which runs through Oct. 31.

The convention and expo will bring an estimated economic impact of $40 million, making it the largest convention for Louisville this year. Attendees will stay in 136 hotels within a 60-mile radius of Louisville. After this year, the convention and expo will move to Indianapolis from 2016-2024. Continue reading

09-29-15 World Dairy Expo Updates & Press Releases…

2013 World Dairy Expo logo

MADISON, WIS. – Current World Dairy Expo Releases

9/29/15 Colata Awarded Grand Champion at International Ayrshire Show
9/29/15 New York Cow Takes Top Honors at International Ayrshire Junior Show 
9/29/15 Wisconsin Cow Triumphs at International Junior Holstein Show
9/28/15 Wisconsin Team Takes Lely National 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging Contest
9/28/15 University of Minnesota Takes Top Team in Lely Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest
9/28/15 Ohio State University Ag Tech Garners Top Spot in Lely International Post-Secondary Cattle Judging Contest
9/28/15 Morey Takes Top Honors for Second Time in WDE Youth Fitting Contest

World Dairy Expo is the leading international dairy networking event. More than 70,000 dairy enthusiasts will travel from around the globe to experience the world-class cattle show and renowned Expo Trade Show September 29 through October 3, 2015 at the Alliant Energy Center, Madison, Wis. Visit worlddairyexpo.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter @WDExpo.

09-30-15 CFVGA Applauds Colorado Proud School Day…

CFVGA - CO Fruit and Vegetable Growers Assn logoSeptember 30, 2015 – The Colorado Fruit & Vegetable Growers Association (CFVGA) is pleased to see schools throughout the state focus on serving local foods in their school cafeterias and applauds today’s celebration of Colorado Proud School Day. According to the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA), an estimated 100,000 students statewide will see their school’s food service incorporate Colorado foods into meals as a springboard to discuss healthy eating and its connection to Colorado agriculture.

“Not only does buying local foods make sense from a health and nutrition point-of-view, it is sound economic practice to support farmers and ranchers within our communities,” said CFVGA President Robert Sakata, Sakata Farms, Brighton, Colo. “Speaking specifically of fruits and vegetables, a key to getting kids to eat more of this food group is to serve the best quality products available. Sourcing local produce is an outstanding way to serve tasty, fresh food.” Continue reading

READ the NAFB’s National Ag News for Wednesday, September 30th…

CLICK HERE to listen to TODAY's BARN Morning Ag News with Brian Allmer...

CLICK HERE to listen to TODAY’s BARN Morning Ag News with Brian Allmer…

Sponsored by the American Farm Bureau Federation

“Canadian Government Seeks to Wrap up TPP Negotiations”

The Canadian government has hopes the 12 member nations involved in the Trans-Pacific Partnership can reach an agreement before the weekend. More importantly, the government hopes the deal can be wrapped up ahead of the countries October elections, according to the Canadian Press. The government expressed optimism the deal might be sealed during a two-day round of talks that kick off Wednesday. Canadian officials identified positive signs since late July, citing minor progress on auto manufacturing and dairy at talks in Washington and San Francisco. Canadian government officials said recently that Canada is preparing to open the border to more American milk, without getting reciprocal access for Canadian dairy farmers in the United States. A spokesperson for Dairy Farmers of Canada told the Canadian Press “the industry will never accept that,” and that if it does happen, “there’s going to be a war.”


“Poll Shows Broad Support for Endangered Species Act Reform” Continue reading

09-29-15 NASS-CO News: USDA NASS CO Grain Prices for August 2015

USDA NASS Regional Release

August Farm Prices Received Index Up 3.0 percent

The August Prices Received Index (Agricultural Production), at 102, increased 3.0 percent from July. At 88, the Crop Production Index increased 2.3 percent. At 117, the Livestock Production Index increased 1.7 percent. Producers received higher prices for market eggs, lettuce, strawberries, and apples but lower prices for broilers, wheat, onions, and hay. In addition to prices, the indexes are influenced by the monthly mix of commodities producers market. Increased monthly movement of cattle, grapes, calves, and hogs offset the decreased marketing of wheat, soybeans, corn, and hay. The Prices Received Index is down 6.4 percent from the previous year. The Food Commodities Index, at 110, increased 3.8 percent from the previous month but is down 9.1 percent from August 2014.

August Prices Paid Index Down 0.9 percent Continue reading

09-29-15 CSU researchers receive $1M grant to study cropping systems in the Western Great Plains…

CSU News Release Header logoCSU researcher Meagan SchipanskiGrowing conditions in the Great Plains of the western United States can be challenging, due in part to limited water resources. Now, a group of CSU researchers led by Meagan Schipanski, assistant professor of soil and crop sciences, has received a $1 million grant from the Natural Resources Conservation Service to examine how crop rotations and management can help improve soils through the retention of both carbon and water.

“This study came about when farmers and producers came to us,” said Schipanski. “The national buzz about cover crops and crop rotations hasn’t really included a discussion of how those techniques can be used in our climate, where we have less water available.” Continue reading