05-10-15 Colorado Tumble Weed’s Crop Report with Lamar’s Don Turner…

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5/10/15 – Colorado Tumble weed left Lamar Colorado @ 10 AM on 5/8/2015. When I left Lamar it was overcast, it was showering 10 miles south and continued light and heavy for the next 700 miles. High winds and showers across the Oklahoma panhandle Guymon to Woodward. Turned south heading down my normal route down 270/183. I was listening to the local radio stations as severe storms were directly in front of me. The sky was clearing to the West of me as the main portion of the storm clearing as I travelled south. I was 30 minutes behind the heavy rains. When I passed through Hobart to Rosevelt there was severe hail damage. Twelve miles of wheat and grass mowed down by hail to a height of 6 to 8 inches, with 2 to 3 inches of rain. The high winds and hail, heavy and lighter continued until I traveled through Fredrick Oklahoma and turned left onto 287 west of Vernon, Texas. South on Fredrick it looked more like high wind damage as the wheat was laying flat on the ground. The high winds not only damaged the wheat fields but I saw several farm buildings, bins, elevator legs and high profile semi trailers blown over.

The severe weather continued to clear in front of me and it was north of me after I passed through Wichita Falls, Texas. By now it was dark, with the normal lightning show that follows a severe storm was all that is saw.

Wheat Crop concerns, beginning to show up in SE Colorado: The wheat is turning yellow after the recent rains. After spraying for bugs and worms, rust is the new buzz word. I talked to a custom cutter friend of mine that lives at Fredrick, Ok and he said that rust is beginning to show up around there. They are still expecting 35 to 50bu wheat on the undamaged Wheat..

I’m in Franklin, Texas this week. Will spend most of this week checking on crops in this area.

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