Celebrate Colorado Ag Day at the State Capitol on National Ag Day March 18th…

CO Ag Day at tthe Capitol March 18 2015National Ag Day & Colorado Ag Day: March 18, 2015

Organized by Colorado Ag Council

“The farther we get away from the land, the greater our insecurity.” -Henry Ford


Why Celebrate Colorado Ag Day?

  • Colorado agriculture provides abundant, nutritional products for consumers within the state and around the globe.
  • Farmers and ranchers play a vital role in producing wholesome, safe food provided to consumers.
  • Agriculture is one of largest contributors to the State’s economy, supporting more than 173,000 jobs in Colorado, generates more than $40 billion of economic activity annually, and exported over $2 billion of food and agricultural products in 2013.
  • Land in farms and ranches provides habitat for wildlife and open space, and innovative and sustainable farming practices ensure that our state’s resources will remain protected for generations to come; and
  • Whereas, Colorado’s agriculturists employ sound animal husbandry practices, which ensure livestock remain healthy, productive and content.
  • Farmers and ranchers are critical to Colorado agritourism, welcoming tourists from around the world and giving them a taste of the Colorado experience.
  • Farmers and ranchers are innovative entrepreneurs and business leaders who remain resilient in their dedication to Colorado agriculture.

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