03-12-14 The 2014 National Institute for Animal Agriculture Annual Conference in Omaha, NE March 30 – April 2…


2014 NIAA National Confernence Omaha NE logoThe theme of “Precautionary Principle” coupled with animal agriculture is spot-on for this conference as this principle is being utilized by some governments to make regulatory decisions and it will be held in Omaha, NE, March 30th thru April 2nd, 2014. It is a strategy to cope with possible risks where scientific understanding is yet incomplete, such as the risks of nano-technology, genetically modified organisms and systemic insecticides. How animal agriculture deals with the impacts of the precautionary principle now and in the future will dictate how innovative and competitive US agriculture will be in the global marketplace.

  • NIAA/USAHA Joint Forum on Trichimoniasis Standards:
  • USAHA and NIAA have partnered to develop the “Forum on Trichomoniasis Standards” slated for Thursday, April 3, the day after NIAA’s Annual Conference.

The Forum will allow state veterinarians, animal health officials and other interested individuals to discuss challenges and develop solutions regarding more standardization of rules intended to prevent introduction of trich into cattle herds. To date, inconsistency in individual state requirements creates burdensome barriers to seedstock trade, and harmonization can help eliminate this burden.

Twelve committee and council meetings will be conducted during the conference. The meeting of the group’s Equine Committee will feature a presentation applicable to all within agriculture on effectively and efficiently communicating an emergency disease outbreak to constituents, livestock owners and other involved groups. The meeting will immediately follow the conference’s Opening General Session Tuesday, April 1st.

Malissa Fritz of Weber Shandwick’s Farm and Food Advocacy Team will share what to include in the message, how to position the message, the best delivery mechanism to alert intended audiences in a timely fashion and more. To illustrate the power of messaging and delivery systems – Fritz will use the real-life equine case scenario from last summer’s herpes virus outbreak at the National Cutting Horse Association’s Western National Championships in Utah. Dr. Tom Lenz – Co-Chair of NIAA’s Equine Committee – says the session will provide the tools and confidence needed so the messages issued have the ingredients and the reach needed to avoid further disease spread without creating undue alarm within unaffected audiences.

To register for the NIAA Annual Conference and participate in this session – visit www dot animalagriculture dot org (www.animalagriculture.org).